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 A Small History

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PostSubject: A Small History    Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:34 pm

Sconosciuto is a realm supposedly made by many gods in an attempt to bridge their worlds together. None know the truth behind its creator, or who truly started the archiving system that is in place now, But all can be certain that it was build to last. The mechanics of the realm work so strangely that few gods have succeeded in altering them. Those gods that did eventually alter them were among the strongest and wisest of all gods that exist, and quickly realized the possibility of collapsing everything together into a single dimension before undoing their handiwork.

Many have came and went in the world, and few remember the first years of Sconosciuto. It is said that the followers of gods who created Sconosciuto live far underneath the tavern, along with the archives of the world. None know exactly what they look like, but the rumors are varies. The only true connection they all share is the lack of a tongue, as a means to keep the secrets of the world safe.

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A Small History
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