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 Arzoath's history

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PostSubject: Arzoath's history   Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:19 am

Meet Arzoath. She is the core and heart of the path. With her lies all the goals and what we stand for as a community. Dragons in certain myths stand for longevity in life, strength, wisdom, and ferocity. We strive to enrich our minds with improvement and writing. We all hope that this site lasts and becomes popular and we are strong together. With her wings extended and poised for flight, we are ready to take down any challenge and take to the sky. We will not be held down by any chains.

Arzoath will be played by Eternal Sky (Kevin). A second thread will be posted in this forum where you can ask Arzoath questions or seek advice from her. You may also sit and chat with her about anything you wish. It is an open forum for everyone to enjoy and get to know our mascot better.

Arzoath was born into this world by Tezcacoatl and Ethelinda on the Fire Island of Ferros. Her parents had been dragon nobility and were very highly respected by their kin and other raced alike. Arzoath's father Tezcacoatl often spoke words of wisdom to the humans and younger dragons in an attempt to enlighten them during life. Arzoath's mother Ethelinda was a lover of lore and flew to different regions of the world collecting the different myths and legends of those areas and brought them back home to share with those less fortunate.

From a young age Arzoath began to follow in her mother's footsteps and took up the love for literature. She listened to her mother's story telling and sometimes day dreamed about alternate endings or made up her own lore which she gladly shared with her parents. Like her father she also enjoyed offering advice when she could although that was on rare occasions since she was still a hatchling herself. Around other dragons her age she took charge and was the dominate figure in play. She would not be ordered around by anyone and she made sure of it.

Through the ages Arzoath began traveling on her own to see the world for herself. The cultures fascinated her and participated in festive occasions when asked to. She felt it an honor to be a part of something few outsiders got to appreciate. Since many knew her parents, she was always greeted with respect and welcome. Maidens began to come to her and beg blessing for fertility and a happy long life and she gladly did all she could for them. Men also paid her visits for blessings on finding an equal match. She asked for no repayment but it came anyway in fabulous sacrifices of game and wine or an ear to listen to her stories.

During one of her travels she met another rouge water dragon by the name Knucker. He had been traveling through the world to bless rivers with his magic and bless men with strength and valor. Arzoath and Knucker hadn't been on friendly terms when they first met thanks to their dominant personalities but soon grew into each other's presence and traveled together and guiding young generations no matter the race. Once they visited all of the reaches of the world, they settled on the great Mountain of Kings where they now reside. Many make the journey to them and seek their advice. Arzoath recently laid eggs which she hopes will prosper in the future and continue the cycle of wisdom and lore.

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Arzoath's history
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