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 A small piece of The Journey (my book)

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PostSubject: A small piece of The Journey (my book)   Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:36 pm

Okay so, I translated a piece of my book to english for a friend of mine. She sent me some of her stories and, she kept bugging me because I wouldn't show her anything. So I took my time to translate a little bit of it for her.

It might be confusing, because it is really a random piece of it. Not so confusing for her because I pretty much told her the whole story and she knows the characters. Oh, well... Just try not to focus on questions such as "who the hell is this?" or "What are they talking about?". And the fact that the main character scared the hell out of everyone has nothing to do with her awesomeness in any way. It was her first time back to her assassin clan, after she was presumed dead. So they are pretty much seeing a ghost. And she took out their leader.

The man she kills, Donovan, betrayed the leaders of her clan and accused her of such treason. She was to be executed, but was rescued in the last minute by a healer. She almost died and was absent for over a year. And now, explaining it, it sounds pretty dumb but... Whatever, I already got this far, might as well post.

Donovan still lived, barely, choking in his own blood. She came closer to him and crouched, then grabbed the arrow that had landed at his throat. Pulling it out would be enough to put him out of his misery, however she did no such thing.
She looked him in the eyes and spoke in a soft gentle tone. "Do you deserve a quick death? Do you deserve the same mercy you denied me, not so long ago? Do you honestly believe you deserve this from me?"
She smiled, an evil smile I had never seen before. "Maybe I am like you. Maybe I don't care as much as I believe I do. If that's the truth, I won't remember this tomorrow."

She went silent, and kept her eyes fixed on him as he, slowly and painfully, slipped away. Once he took his last breath, she pulled the arrow out and stood up. Her eyes had an unusual sparkle, as if a red flame had been lit behind their calm blue tone. There was no doubt, in that moment, Allison was gone. All there was left of her was Blackbird.

She looked around, rage spreading across her eyes as she did so. Of course we were still surrounded, but that didn't really matter to her at that moment. Her eyes ran through each and every one of the men around us. "Anyone else?"

They flinched, not simply out of fear, also for seeing her there, alive, with blood on her hands.
The assassins always referred to themselves as ghosts, but Ali had returned from the dead, she was standing there, what chance did they have?

The men fled. They dropped their weapons and ran away. They would be found and killed eventually, the Wolfpack never forgave treason easily. Allison knew that well.

We barely had time to recover from what had happened and Vic stepped forward and punched her right in the face, causing her to hit the ground. Danny ran and held him back, as he yelled. "I'll kill you! I swear to God I'll kill you!"

I actually thought he would be dead. Allison sat on the floor and looked up at the boy, laughing. "You pathetic fool! Do you not know me at all?"

With that said she got on her feet and walked to the girl she had shot previously. She poked at the girl with her foot. "Jessica, they're gone."

The girl sat up, and looked at her serious. "Ouch, that really hurt!"

Ali nodded, grinning. "It hurts because you're alive. If you want, I can make it painless next time."

The girl nodded, pulling out the arrow, and showing that it had no head, it was only a sharpened wooden stake. "I don't want it to be a next time. Thank you."

Allison chuckled while helping her up. "I thought so. And you were lucky too... I'm not used to non-lethal shots."

Jessie nodded, laughing. "Lucky, sure..." She looked Allison in the eyes, as if she had just noticed her for the first time. She opened a wide and gentle smile, still holding on to her hand. "It is very good to have you back, Ali." Jesse looked at Donovan's body with anger in her eyes. "He got what he deserved."

Allison opened a wicked smile, tightening the grip on Jessie's hand, slightly, before releasing and turning around towards her cabin. Before walking through the door she answered. "He got off easy. There's no pain to match what I would wish for him." (...)

That's what I got to show at this time. I'm not actually pleased with the translation though... I keep messing with it. *sigh*

Sounds cooler in portuguese, I guess. Razz
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A small piece of The Journey (my book)
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