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 Haxored - Tyro and Seniour Snuggles

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PostSubject: Haxored - Tyro and Seniour Snuggles   Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:27 pm

Shunt! Wiiiiiizzzt. Wizzzt. Wiiiiiiiizt! Wiiii-wiiiiiizt!


Wiiiizzzt! Wiiiiizt!

She wakes with a start as the lights above pass over her. They didn't seem to be lighting as such, but windows put there for some reason...Daylight?
She sits bolt upright.
"Ohmygod! Where I am I?!" She looks around. She's on a conveyor belt, being slowly dragged towards a large, dark door in a huge machine of some kind. She can here robot arms inside...doing something. The squelching and drilling fill her with no desire to lay down again. Without taking her dark brown eyes off the machine, or letting her heart stop it's frantic om-pah-pah on her chest, she hops off the conveyor to the floor. Looking around for anyone still around before trying to think about the events that led to this.

Well...she was on this world. She was taking a few snappy-snaps for later of these waterfalls. Heh! That's a fun word: snappy-snaps. Anyway! These soldiers came, she thinks she saw purple armour before something stung her in the leg. It was going numb before every other part of her body did too.

She blacked out...might have felt a little bit of man-handling before....nope...Nothing much after that...Weird...

So...where was she? The room was largely dark except for the shafts of light coming from the overhead windows. The plastic, shiny floors covered the walls too, having no describable detail or decoration on them at all. Just blank, easy to clean surfaces. Conveyor belts led up to lines of the machines she was going to be fed too in this massive, featureless room. Tall, metal beasts that whirred and fizzed at regular intervals. They weren't built to be pretty. Which meant it was covered in strange boxes wherever it was needed to cover the internals. Not all the conveyor belts were full of sleeping people but at least five stretched the room that seemed to be the same size as a warehouse.

"I gotta get out of here..." He mubbles to herself. She looks around the room....And obvious exit probably won't appear....She heads forwards for where the conveyor belts seem to be going.

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Haxored - Tyro and Seniour Snuggles
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