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 Tyro reviews Firefox 4 - Well, who else would?

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PostSubject: Tyro reviews Firefox 4 - Well, who else would?   Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:40 am

Firefox 4 Download

For the longest time, I have always thought of Google Chrome as the ultimate web browser. For those who don't know, the program your reading this one is called a Web Browser. Now, Chrome is quick, easy to use and has a great deal of functionality. It's a pretty solid deal for absolutely nothing. But, I did get a little board of using it, despite its upsides, and decided to try out Firefox 4 untill I got bored or driven mad with that too. Whichever came first.

Installation? Simple and quick. Nothing to write home about. It's the set up that sets it apart from the rest of the browser pack. Firefox has always prided itself on its user-created, open-source add-ons you can happily download for nothing. On one hand, the choice will melt your eyes. You can customise almost every aspect of Firefox and someone, somewhere has probably written something to let you do what you want. You can customise the look of everything using the Themes and Personas which are expansive. I happen to have a Windwaker Link Persona on at the moment and it's very pretty. Furthermore, Firefox 4 is said to change its appearances slightly depending on the Operating System. Seeing as I'm on Windows 7, I have some pretty Aero Glass for Tabs. Fundamentally, as long as someone has made an add-on for it, you can download it and run it. Functionality can be added by the bucket loads to the program to help you do whatever you like. More are being added too so you could, for example, keep a constant button somewhere so that you can keep updated on Facebook while surfing other sites. I opted to have Firefox's version of the Address bar from Chrome that has a constant link to Google installed. Its called Instantfox and is also linked to Youtube and Ebay. Pretty nifty.

However, Firefox needs you to flick through the Add-ons store, downloading yet more stuff because the Browser is a hollow shell when it arrives. You have to plug what you want into it in terms of visuals or features before you start going but Firefox 4 felt like less of a Shell than previous versions I had tried. However, I had to search to get the same functions as Chrome that I had become used to, defaulting it as better than Firefox 4, I suppose. However, your Firefox becomes more personalised as you've built it out of the custom parts to serve your purposes. Mozilla haven't entirely got around a table and wondered what Mr Average Joe would like. They let you 'top your pizza after baking the base', if that makes any sence. I am aware that it probably doesn't. Another concern is not finding exactly what you want. The choice is
so diverse, there are usually five Add-ons reporting to do the same thing, all of them irrelevant to your needs. It could happen: a mark against Firefox as a whole that's not exactly it's fault. You'll have to either make it yourself or ask someone in the know to make the Add-on for you.

Overall, I'm quite liking Firefox 4. It has a few issues with some of my favourite websites but I'm hoping that instances of problems will fade away when Firefox gets updated. Things'll get more stable. Or sites like this one have got some dodgy code Firefox isn't happy with. I'm not sure. I haven't noticed major speed enhancements but tabs are openning swifter. I think its a much prettier program that has a good deal of potentially useful features awaiting download. I'm sure I'll be happy for a long while as I surf on the most apt Browser around. Might keep it untill Firefox 5 is released.

Download it and tell me what its like guys.

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Tyro reviews Firefox 4 - Well, who else would?
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