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 Guidlines and Rules

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PostSubject: Guidlines and Rules   Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:30 pm

As a note: All administrators and moderators hold the right to take action to change, edit, add rules that we find necessary due to certain things that have appeared in a forum. Some of the alterations will be swift without notice if the case is extreme. These rules will change often, so please keep updated so you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of attention.


Respect everyone on this site. It is a rule of life that will be applied here. There should be no reason why you are cursing and flaming another member. You respect everyone, including the admin and moderator here. We are all a happy community willing to lend a hand. As the saying goes, ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Treat everyone as you would liked to be treated. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable and is being disrespectful, please alert one of the admins and moderators.


Don’t act like children. It is as simple as that. We are a friendly community, but that doesn’t mean we are baby-sitters. Be at peace and think of us as a home away from home or an escape. That doesn’t mean you go around cursing everyone in sight and throw a tantrum. Do not harass anyone in anyway. This is a place where everyone should feel welcome and unthreatened. If someone is harassing you, don’t continue it by going back and forth. Alert authority. Also, no cruel jokes like racism are allowed here.

This is not tolerated at all. Some of our members may be younger than you are or are part of a community who does not tolerate such things. Opening up a page full of pictures like these can be harmful and shocking. Again, this is a mature site and we want everyone to be welcome here. Pictures and paintings cannot display nudity or sexual acts. Within a role-play love scenes to arise, but keep it minimal. If you want to go into detail, go to pm. Once the characters are left in their under garments, off the public forum.


Not tolerated here. No one wants their work taken so don’t do it. It isn’t your work so you have no right to it. You can discuss about it and ask the author’s permission to post certain pieces somewhere, but do not take it under your name. That not only is immature, but against the law. You will not get a warning for this. You will be banned without notice.


Admins and moderators are not responsible for someone else’s work. If something is offensive to you, do not blame the staff because they didn’t post it. We can get rid of that post once it catches our attention, but we did not post it so you cannot blame us for it.


The admin and moderators created the site and keep it active. We have the final say in a decision once we have taken action. Do not argue with us for that only looks poorly on you. You can talk to us about problems but don’t argue about a warning or action.


Bumping topics:

You don’t need to post more than twice in succession or more on a topic. People will see your topic without you bumping it back to the top. Scrawling down a page of your posts without any real use is annoying and immature. People will get to it as soon as they can.


Put effort into your posts. Make it legible and literate. Use proper grammar as you write and don’t use text talk. This is a literate role-playing site. If you don’t make an effort, it is harder to read and most people would lose interest in your responses. Other people do have to read it.

Single topics:

In most of the forum, you can make multiple topics without limit as long as it is organized so everyone can get to it easily. However, there are a few places where you can only have one thread. Here are some:

- Journals. You only need one.
- Poetry and art: Make it a poetry and art portfolio. It is easier to look at when listed.
- Introduction: You only need to say hi once.

Sig and Avatar:

You can have any image you please as long as it is not pornographic or offensive to anyone. If you want to make sure it isn’t, pm the admin or moderators. The size for your avatar should be 150 x 200 pixels. Your sig should be between: 700 x 200. You can ask someone to resize it.


Paragraphs should be between one to two paragraphs. You do need to make an effort. No one liners. That isn’t role-playing.

The paragraph size should be three to four. Each paragraph cannot be one sentence each. Poem role-plays can be categorized differently since those are a little harder to write.

The paragraph size should be five and higher. Other than that, same as Intermediate.

Should and Shouldn’t do:
Don’t use emotion similes or robots. The role-play should be formed like a story. No pornography. Mature content is allowed but follow the restrictions. Moderate cursing is allowed as long as you are in character. Don’t write OOC comments in the IC thread. Don’t God-mod someone else’s character. No one likes that and people quickly loose interest in a role-play where everything is formed for them. It is creative writing so let your partner(s) have a chance to further the plot in their own way. You are welcome to use color, but make sure it is readable. Same with your font. Don't make it really small or too big. You should also space your paragraphs. It makes it easier to read. We aren't trying to restrict your writing style, but opening a page to see a huge block of text deters people from wanting to read it and it also allows for easy editing.

Violation of said rules do have penalties. Depending on the offense it can range from being banned if the action was severe enough, or three levels of warning. First you get an unofficial warning like a tap on the shoulder. Then you get the second warning. You are then under watch by the admins and moderators to ensure you do not overstep your bounds again. The third and final warning will be accompanied by an action may it be deletion of certain topics or being banned.

As long as the rules are followed, we hope to enjoy your company in this community. Please enjoy the site. Very Happy
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Guidlines and Rules
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