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 The Rules of OOC

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PostSubject: The Rules of OOC   Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:53 am

Okay really simple here.

You are asked to keep language down.

If you find you want to use any words do it like this.

**** or %#$@

You may do it like

F*** or F#@%

The occasional bit of real swearing is allowed but frowned upon

Remember keep your tact about it, some people really hate certain words.
Example, there is a C bomb that I know most girls hate so I suggest you don't use it.

[joke] Frowning on me will get you a warning! lol! [/joke]

No minimum will be placed but try and keep it above one liners.

Don't be rude.
Don't troll

Remember this is an OOC for this part of the site, it is not a general OOC, that does not mean that the chat is restricted, I would just prefer if people take note of that fact.

Keep your tact about you.

And most of all have fun!

"The Black Pearls in the bottle... Why is the Black Pearl in the bottle?" - Captain Jack Sparrow (Fixed)
"You forgot one thing mate, I'm Caption Jack Sparrow." - Captain Jack Sparrow
"Savvy?" - Captain Jack Sparrow

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The Rules of OOC
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