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 Black Hole Exodus (OOC)

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PostSubject: Black Hole Exodus (OOC)   Wed Sep 30, 2009 6:47 am

Space; an endless cycle of asteroids, stars, planets, trade, diplomacy, and piracy. A place where different races of different planet clusters strive to work together to promote peace and justice throughout the universe, working under the title of Universal Federation. It's a place where trade, bounty-hunting, thieving, ship-building, and all sorts of other things can be the job that lands you either big money, or in the slammer. Credits are tough to come by, though, so even buying your first ship can be a real hassel, but it pays off in the end...

For centuries, there has been talk of a mythical cluster of planets far away, in a galaxy closer to the center of the universe than our own. This cluster is supposedly called the Milky Way, home of the legendary planet Earth, where Terrans were before they came to space, and left that galaxy. Supposedly, they left a ship behind, all by itself, without a crew or computer to guide it, as if to be a memento that would forever let others know they existed. It was called the Black Hole Exodus. That was during Earth Year 2500, Universal Year 3000. It is now Universal Year 7000. The Universe is at peace. Space pirates roam around and take things from time to time, but everyone generally has a good life.

On the edge of the Universe, a strange race of people is openly declaring warfare on all planets without any apparent reason.

In the Dubar System, there lays a starship, rusted and broken. Inside is a single escape pod, frozen over by time and the coldness of a space-exposed ship's hallway. It only appeared 3 days ago, and has only been spotted once or twice. Authorities, so far, think nothing of it, and are preparing to scrap the ship in a day or two.

The Universe is changing. People of Terran origin, especially, are beginning to move out of their current residences, in order to find Earth. But the Warp gate that held Earth's coordinates was destroyed by the last group to travel through it, back in Universal Year 3001. Supposedly, only the Black Hole Exodus, a ship that held it's own Warp gate Generator, the first of its kind, would be able to transfer to and from the Milky Way...But it hasn't been seen since its creation...

Is it possible that, after so many years of isolation, the planet Earth can be accessed once again? Or, is there no hope for those who wish to go home, whose fate might simply be to live and die in these other galaxies they've chosen to live in...The choice is up to a select few.

Please keep in mind that this is a space rp. Thus, if you wish to make your own race, please feel free to give them 100 tiny little eyes on their head or whatever mutated form you might like. Just be sure it's not a form that makes them invulnerable to attack, or immortal.

No godmodding. If someone smacks you 30 times with a hammer to the point where your skull breaks open and your brains spill onto the floor, you're dead. Period. Now, if there's a race that uses healing and revival magic and/or powers, different story.

No invulnerability. I don't care how tough you are. If a space ship crash lands into you directly, you ain't gonna escape without some sort of scratch...Probably won't even escape alive, but you get my point.

For the love of Jeebus, be original. If you can, make up words and initial'd words, like A.S.P.: Anti-Shield Projectile.

I don't personally care about your post-length. As long as it's not a single line. Barely making two lines is perfectly fine, but you don't need to go out of your way to type up 5 pages worth of stuff just to explain a few single things.

The IC will be up once we have enough people interested.

If you have any questions, please PM me with them.

Once you've posted your character info, there's no need to wait for me to approve. Just start posting, if the IC is up, of course.

If you have to go somewhere, or you're not gonna be on at least once every other day, please tell me. I've had people join, but they never post. Also, if you wind up having to leave for something big, and you'll be gone for a day or two, or longer, please put it in OOC brackets and/or parentheses, then post as well.

I think that's it, so here's the character info...
** means the information is optional

Homeplanet (Planet you were born on or closest to):
**Home Cluster (Also known as a system, such as the Milky Way. This is the name of the collection of planets your Homeplanet belongs to.):
Ship (If you have your own. They're really damn expensive, even the small trade haulers.):
Ship Name:

Name: Julian Black
Age: Actually, around 4000 years old, but he only appears to be 25
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Homeplanet: Earth
Home Cluster: Milky Way
Ship: Though not actually his, a unique starship that is able to change and adapt to its environment. It is a modified Mark XX B-type ship capable of incredible speeds, despite its great size, up to 500 kiloknots a minute. (Yes, I'm making up speeds...)
Ship Name: Black Hole Exodus
Personality: Kind-hearted and charismatic, he tends to tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. His eyes seem to pierce the soul with a silent wisdom. In a nutshell, he's strong in-and-out as a grizzly, but gentle as a teddy bear.
Bio: N/A
Misc.: N/A
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Black Hole Exodus (OOC)
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