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 There is Motivation in Madness

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PostSubject: There is Motivation in Madness   Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:00 pm

I wrote this for school. It was fun to write so I might write more.  Twisted Evil  

We had to write something that both made sense and didn't. I got a B so I don't know what it means.

~~~ Turkey ~~~

In life you must take several things to heart in order to feel like you didn't take a stake to it every five seconds.

This case in point today: a wise old man by the name of Joseph Hughes once said, "Don't let the Turkeys get you down."

Good saying because turkeys suck.

Turkeys will peg you down when ever they have the chance, unlike chickens who are too cowardice but not as often as crows. This comes with the side effect that what they say actually hurts.

You see Turkeys tend to get more respect from you then the said common chicken or hooligan crow because they might actually attempt to appear as if they have a personality and maybe there a bit full of them selves (what with all them fancy feathers) but one can overlook that as occasionally they act like actual descent human beings.

Your mileage might vary on how good that is though.

The sad thing is Turkeys often start as friends and slowly grow bitter and acidic of their company. Weather the company did something or not. You might not want to but depending on the case it's better to cut ties then try to deal with; after all you are not their punching bag.

And if they're actually punching you call the po-po 'cause that's assault.

This is partly why turkeys don't taste as good as something like chickens; that lingering respect or friendship is just not compliment the taste of victory against and adversary. If any body mentions the deliciousness of the turkey legs as Disney land; you realize that Disneyland only cooks with the power of pixie dust fire right?

Anyways one of the best way to deal with turkeys is to remember their problems are worse then yours.

Their legs commonly break at the weight of there own bloated ego. They suffocate when trying to eat with other turkeys cause they cant deal with each other. Alternatively they get so involved with each other they smother them selves. Not to mention they never leave the street block they were born on and thus have no perspective of the world.

They can fly but they cannot soar there egos will not allow it, you can transcend that! Do not let them hold you down!



yeah it's not very good but it was fun to write something crazy again for school.

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There is Motivation in Madness
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