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 The Wasteland

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PostSubject: The Wasteland   Wed May 28, 2014 9:03 pm

This is a Post Apocalyptic style role play (Think Mad Max without the nuclear blast).
This role play takes place a decade after the world imploded.
The how is unknown to every character in the roleplay.

But, I will provide the information for the players:
During the 70's and 80's the Soviet Union and US were involved in separate experiments to create a biological agent that could be poured into water supplies that would attack only certain DNA strands. Thus killing the indigenous population but preserve the infrastructure and allow most of their people to be able to move into the region with no (or limited) effects.
The experiments continued after the fall of the USSR by both countries.
The vials were stolen (by an unknown group) and released into the water supplies in areas around the world. What the people who stole them didn't realize was that, 'When you mix two killing agents together they create a mutagen strain that grows and replicates itself combining with the other serum to attack a wider variety of DNA strands. So, a strand designed to kill only the DNA strands of Semitic people (Arabs and Jews) combined with one that would kill sub-Continent peoples (India/Bangladesh) would combine and be able to kill not only both groups, but people with enough similar DNA as well (i.e. Europeans, s.e. Asians).
In some cases, it's mutated effects caused sterilization.
It took about 5 years for the effects to completely take effect. The world's population dwindled quickly. In some areas whole populations were wiped out. China is but a shell of the population it used to have. It's present numbers are unknown, but guessing there are maybe one million people would be a gross over-estimate.
As the numbers of dead rose, people fled leaving some cities a gigantic tomb full of unburied dead bodies, rats, fleas, other vermin and diseased. Cities like Tokyo and New York, are barely inhabitable due to the number of dead still laying where they did when they died.
There is no way for your characters to know the full extent of the damage wrought worldwide.
Living near many rivers provide little comfort because the mutagens are still active and the people living there could susceptible.

In the ten years since the full effect organized governments on a large scale has pretty much died. Modern conveniences, modern vehicles, electricity, anything computerized, etc gone.
A good sized city would be a few thousand or so. Subsistence farming, small scale agriculture and trade, if any, is done between communities that are relatively close to each other.

Character creation is very limited; You cannot be a great scientist working on the cure. Since very, very few know what caused it, your ability to isolate it would be futile without the modern technology. Also, if you were that smart, you'd have either been snatched up by a group looking for the cure or been killed.
You also cannot be the leader of a community of a thousand people. Every PC is ordinary (in that they rule nothing). No cybertronic anythings, no expert on computers so they can keep their 2005 Humvee rolling along because the character has hoarded all the parts, etc.
That's not to say your characters can't be special in some way. Just think of it in terms of pre-1970's when gas pumps had handles and the numbers flashed, cash registers couldn't be scanned, cars didn't have computer dashboards, etc.
Remember anything special you have others will want. Special has a wide meaning: a flashlight with working batteries, a mini water purifier are items people would kill to have.
Depending on how many (if any) join, I'd like the characters to be together for some reason. Even if it's that they found one another by accident, or find one another in the first few posts.
As far as ages go, anything that works and is roleplay logical. Playing a seven year old who's been trekking on his/her own for three years is absurd. The character would have been killed, starved to death, enslaved, etc.

Character Sheet:
Special Skills:
(doesn't have to be elaborate: little background info, how they dealt with the fall, any special events before or since that could impact the rp, anyone or anything they travel with, how they acquired their special skill <if it's special, being able to runaway while a special skill needs no explanation>. Anything else you wanna add)
Anything else you wish to add:
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PostSubject: Re: The Wasteland   Fri May 30, 2014 2:32 am

Name: Cassandra (Cassi/Cas/CJ) Jones
Gender: Female
Hair: reddish-brown, short (style)
Eyes: naturally a deep purple
Age: 27
Height: 5'5"
Equipment: medieval crossbow and arrows, canteen with hidden LifeStraw purifier inside, hand-and-a-half sword, hunting knife, old boy scout handbook
Special Skills: Hunting and trapping, sword fighting, wilderness survival skills
Description: Well built, pretty, heart shaped face, with sharp eyes and thin lips. Normally wears simple shirts,tank tops, jeans, cargo pants, and combat boots. Has a deep southern accent
History: Up until the fall Cassandra lived alone with her dad on a large ranch outside of a small rural town in northern Texas. They live a simple life raising horse, cattle, and a small herd of sheep. They loved to go on hunting trips when possible and she spent a lot of time with her fathers boy scout troop. She was an A/B student and had a few close friends. She wasn't all that sociable outside of her group of friends. Cassandra and her friend were all a bunch of nerds and geeks. They were all into Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Anime, LARPing, and the like. Despite their geek status, they were all relatively active.
 After the fall Cassandra and her father raided a sports store and set up in their ranch with the few reaming boys from his troop and a few parents and friends. They found a stock of LifeStraws (among other use full things) at the sports store and took what they could carry home. They keep a stash hidden and are willing to sell them, for a hefty price. They raise their remaining animals the best they can and have even started growing a small amount of crops. They trade with a nearby town that still has some inhabitants.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wasteland   Sat May 31, 2014 4:43 am

Name: Declan Keith-O'Rielly
Gender: Male
Hair: Short, light brown. almost crew cut but grown out due to no proper barber and cutting it himself
Eyes: Light blue
Age: 32
Height: 6'1"
Equipment: Machete, well kept but quite worn. 9mm handgun, only two clips remain. 50ft of hemp rope. Old Swiss army knife some old initials scratched out and his scratched into it. Family Photo. Enough MREs to last about five days and an old army canteen with purification tablets to last three weeks. Journal full of short but regular entries. 6 inch boot knife with sheath. 2 balanced throwing knives.
Special skills: Above average aim, Fit and healthy, quite handy at Jerry-rigging (Redneck handyman) basic hand-to-hand combat training.
Description: Fit but not overly muscular, fairly tan due to spending days in the sun scavenging. Tattoo of a tiger tearing out of his back. A few scars here and there from miscellaneous injuries but nothing overly serious. Slight Irish accent but nothing heavy.
History: Just before the fall Declan had been accepted into the swat team for the region, prior to he served a two year tour in Vietnam and joined with the police force shortly after his return. He had a wife and two kids, but they all died shortly after the first incident of the virus spreading through their town. He gained his footing through scavenging essentials from around his home and after the initial chaos began to trade and continued to build up his own little safe house. He always carries the picture of his family, taken the day his boys got their first scout badges a goofy smile plastered over everyone's faces. Declan became a hard man after the fall, he puts up a facade of being stone cold and unmoving, but he will listen to reason and always listens to everyone's plights, he will just choose whatever works best for him.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wasteland   Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:35 am

Name: Boyce Radcliffe

Gender: Male

Hair: Hazelnut Brown, short but unkempt

Eyes: Dark Green

Age: 28

Height: 6"1

Equipment: A Smith and Wesson Model 29 handgun, no bullets, a Sterling Silver Straight Razor, kept in an inner breast pocket and preserved in pristine conditions. A broken calculator, a little black notebook, short Louisville slugger, canned goods for another couple of days, ten company pens, and four unopened bottles of water.

Special Skills: Though not very skilled martially, the young man is well equipped with a sharp mind, though scattered from time to time with fits of anger and frustration due to the increasing tension he faces each day he manages to survive in the wastes. Physically fit, however, if only due to the constant pace at which he travels, he also carries with him minor mechanical skills inherited at a young age.

Description: Deep, intoxicating eyes rest as the centerpiece for this relatively handsome man, a crooked nose breaking the illusion of an otherwise well kept visage. Originating as an accountant for a large business, the young man had worked his way from bottom to top before the strain had infected the rest of the forsaken planet. His outlook has become cynical, and his demeanor more like that of a frustrated old bastard than the young and lively individual he once was.

History: A young man from Brooklyn, Boyce had never grown up with much, save for his fathers heirlooms and ambitions: He wanted his son to become a mechanic at the local Ford dealership, a well respected trade for the time, but the young man dreamed larger, wanted more in life than the simple, so he worked hard in school, earning top grades and expecting nothing from himself but the very best. After High school he moved away from home and went to Harvard for Business, graduating with the highest honors. Upon graduation, his father being increasingly proud, despite his failure to continue on the family business, rewarded his sons efforts and achievements with his prized heirlooms: his model 29 Smith and Wesson, and the Sterling Silver straight razor, said to have been passed down to him from his great grandfather. Eventually earning his position as an accountant for the executives of Shell Oil, the young man was ready to burst through the gates as an executive, only weeks prior to the events following the biological agents being released to the world, Boyce had proved himself to the lead Executive, showing market intuition, fantastic ability to communicate with his fellow employees and peers, and grand ideas for future expansion and endeavors. His dream, however, was cut short, and now he travels, an empty shell of what he once was. Cynical and in a perpetual state of fear and primal desire for survival, the man seeks something, anything, that will save him from this
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PostSubject: Re: The Wasteland   

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The Wasteland
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