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 rpannier characters

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PostSubject: rpannier characters   Fri May 02, 2014 1:07 am

Name: Yukiko


Gender: female

Race: Immortal/Cherub

Profession: Professional Student

Age: Looks 13, Born in 1750.

Description: 4' tall. Japanese. Long black hair that hangs to her thighs. Brown eyes. Almond colored skin. Teeth slightly crooked. Missing two molars in the back of her mouth (top left, bottom right) Japanese accent, has trouble making, r/l sounds and z sounds, can make both sounds correctly if she concentrates. She can make f sounds easily.

Attire: Depending on where she is, she can be found wearing regular casual clothes, school uniforms, etc

Weapons: Yumi (Japanese Bow), Kyudo Ya (Arrows), Katana (sword), Taira Shunsaku (sword), colt handgun

Skills: She is highly skilled with swords and bows. Her aim is not as good with pistols and such. She is friendly and speaks well. Her hands are quick.

Family: None that she knows of. It's been over two centuries. Their memories have kind of faded into history.

Short Bio: (though it's not exactly short)
Yukiko was a 13 year old Japanese girl who was born into a poor Japanese family. Yukiko was the oldest child in a family with 4 brothers. She was not an overly welcome child, as boys were considered a plus and girls a minus. She was not badly treated by her parents and once her brothers were born her father was more satisfied with her. She learned both boy and girl tasks.
Her father struggled as a rice farmer to produce enough food for the Shogun as well as enough to feed his own family. It was decided he would have to sacrifice his daughter. He took her out on a bitterly cold day to collect firewood While she was collecting the wood her father slipped away just before another winter storm was to hit.
Yukiko looked for her father, but couldn’t find him. She followed his footprints in the snow, calling for him, fearful he might have been injured, or worse, killed by a wild animal. But as she was following the footprints, the wind picked up and the snow started falling even harder she lost his footprints in the snow.
She didn’t know where she was and everywhere she looked it was only trees and a blanket of snow. The wind ripped through her body, the gloves on her hands and her jacket provided only cursory protection from the stinging cold. It was getting harder to see as ice built up around her eyes as her tears froze almost the moment they appeared. She kept moving forward, calling for her father, everything becoming a blur. She couldn’t feel her hands or feet at all, they were now just numb. She couldn’t yell anymore, she just didn’t have the energy, and even if she did, her throat and lungs burned from the cold.
She realized she was dying and there was nothing she could do about it. After falling for what seemed like the hundredth time, she crawled to a tree, sat on the side opposite the wind, pulled her knees into chest to try and stay as warm as possible and waited for the inevitable, hoping for one of two things; 1. That her father would show up and rescue her.. 2. That death would come soon and free her from her misery. She didn’t get either. Despite her never wavering belief in him, her father never came and she sat shivering for six hours before death finally came and claimed the frozen little girl.
Her death was so tragic and pathetic, her faith in her father so great that beings from the beyond took pity on her and her plight. She was made a Cherub; a child with some angel likes abilities. She was immortal. Though, her immortality stuck her as a 13 year old girl for all eternity.
At first she returned home, but discovered before she got there the awful truth, that he had abandoned her to death. Angry beyond belief she wanted to kill him, but she couldn’t. Life had cursed him with poverty and that would have to be enough.
She traveled Japan for years moving from one location to another until people began to wonder why the new girl still looked 13 after a year or two, why there was no growth spurt, why she never changed.
By the early 20th century she had emigrated to Canada, then just before WW II began (for the US) she crossed into the US where she has lived, moving from place-to-place when people got suspicious.

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rpannier characters
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