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 A Bear Wanders in from the Mists ...

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PostSubject: A Bear Wanders in from the Mists ...   Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:05 am

Hello there Path Less Traveled,

My name is Ursus but I have been known by many other names. I am both a veteran and a novice at roleplay. Once upon a time roleplaying was a big part of my life. I had many years under my belt having started at something like 13. I was a member of a roleplay site called Werecat.org which had originated as an Inheritance based roleplay forum. It went on for many years and was a pretty popular forum; it was certainly the most popular Inheritance Cycle based RPG. There I was known as Aurora and, although I never intended it, I worked up the ranks to quite a high level while I was there - (I owned the rights to roleplay a dragon and rider - yeah I'm that cool :S ). I was quite happy sitting on my spot as humble underling but I was helping out the owner of the site. Werecat eventually shut down due to the owner getting constant hate mail. I don't know why I guess people were upset about not getting let though because their writing wasn't good enough or something. The owner did collect her favourites into a temporary forum which lasted about a year or two but soon the pressures of exams kicked in and we all faded away into real life but I've always missed it. It was a site dedicated to developing writing skills and encouraged them and even though I dabbled in a couple of other sites I never quite had the attachment I did at Werecat. Other sites I came to I didn't particularly liking the site ethos or the people, the plot or, quite often, the writing.

This year, I have a bit more time and I've decided to return to the fold and you lucky people are my first site in about 6years! So as you can imagine my writing is probably a bit rusty but I will try my best to get into the swing again. I've always had an itch to write since I left roleplay which I've never quite been able to scratch. I do write on my own occasionally but I don't get the same buzz. I have notice I do tend to play the same character though. I don't do it on purpose but it is, just with different names and in different situations. I have noticed he's grown up and matured along with me. He's a lot less whiny and angsty than he used to be. It's odd because that implies that he is a version/part of me but I have to say when I played him 6yrs ago I wasn't anything like him. I would say that he was the polar opposite to be honest. Maybe that's why I play him so much. That side of me doesn't get aired very often.

So how do you work here? This is very different to the forums I've used previously. They ran on a Character critique -> maybe practise forum posting -> then big wide world of the site structure. They were also based on the story of the site which you seem not to have. So where do I start? I don't want to jump in when I'm not supposed to...

But enough about me! How are you lovely people? What are you guys like?

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PostSubject: Re: A Bear Wanders in from the Mists ...   Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:04 pm

Welcome to the site, the best place to start is the rules, if you have any questions, ask here or pm me. And if you want to have a roleplay i am available. We've been... well rather dead recently so welcome.

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A Bear Wanders in from the Mists ...
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