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 Miss. Puss Puss descendants from Meowner

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PostSubject: Miss. Puss Puss descendants from Meowner    Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:01 am

~~i was born Gwendolynn Josephine Carter,
~~I am currently fifteen years old, in human years If i were human.
~~I am Feelon, Said to be a mythical Cat Human Hybrid. The gene
~~lays dormant in a human mals D.N.A for 9,ooo years.
~~Only when the Feelon gene carrier mates with a female human that at some
point in her life, along with the gene carrier contacted cat scratch fever will
the next Feelon be born.


~~i have a human body
~~i am covered with white fur, silver in right the right light.
~~~The fur only covers my arms, hands
~~~ sides of my torso
~~~breasts, lower abdomen
~~~ and from my waist down
~~~ my ears, back of my neck and sides of my face also have fur.
~~~ i have puffy cat lips, a pink nose, and long silver whiskers
~~~ one eye is a white cats eye with lime green flecks, the other
a lime green humans eye
~~~ i also have long thick white hair like humans do on there head
~~~ and a long bushey tail that i am ocd over.
~~~ my hands are shaped like a humans but my fingers are short and stubby with pads like a cats
I can retract my claws at will and i keep them sharpened.
~~I have cat ears the left with a small unnoticable black speck
~~i have human feet but the bottoms look like cat feet pads.
~~ I am five foot Four and weigh ninety pounds,
~~ I have the soft curves like a woman that i try to keep hid under my loose fitting clothes.

~~ @ four years old my parents were killed by a pack of half wolves, half human hybrid shape shifters
~~ @ nine when my first heat claimed me i claimed powers that i have still to learn the full capacity.
~~~i can tell what herbs to use just by smelling what ails a patient
~~~ I can heal some achs, pains, and minor wounds just by laying my paws on that person.
but when i use the healing power on a evil soul i get weaker, when i use it on a good soul i
can see into the future a short distance.

~~NO body likes me they are all scared of me, they see me as a threat. they are use to kanine shape shifters
but not a feelon.
~~~ @ 12 i get the name Miss. Puss Puss Kitty from a toddler i protected from the hybrids
~~~ @ 13 i begin sensing the presance of something like me but stronger, more masculine.
~~~ @ 15 i am able to detect other Feelons around me, see them allthough no one else can, and
talk to them.
~~~ My Feelon guardian and intended mate brakes the world barriers and makes earth his home to be with me
~~~Feelons are life breeders. and only give birth to no more than twins.
~~~ Guardian Feelons are the females chosen mate befor they are ever conceived. its unavoidable.
~~~ Feelons dont posess the power to willingly commit harm to any human unless they
are being baited.
~~~ if a human posseses catnip then a Feelon is at there bec and call but, catnip is just as much a myth as
Feelons are.
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Miss. Puss Puss descendants from Meowner
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