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M1SS Rose

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PostSubject: Rose's Archives   Wed Aug 01, 2012 5:37 pm

Character Profiles:

1) Rose R. Crawford
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M1SS Rose

Posts : 7
Join date : 2012-07-31
Age : 23
Location : Cambridge, Massachussetts

PostSubject: Profiles   Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:31 pm

Rose R. Crawford


Nicknames: n/a

Age: Unknown

Age Appearance: Varies

Birthday: July 12

Race: Shadow Familiar

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Features: As a being comprised of a shadow, Rose takes on whatever form she chooses so long as it isn't bright enough out to inhibit her abilities to shape-shift. She, however, is often seen in the form of a strange feline that harbors wings not unlike those of a bat or that of a young lady that harbors the ears and the tail of a feline. Rose generally favors the color black and green and be it fur, hair, or cloth she will more than likely be seen in those colors. In whatever form she chooses to be in, a certain green ribbon always decorates her form.


Rose usually carries herself with a kind, joyful, and rather childish demeanor, but can be quite mature if the situation calls for it. She enjoys having fun and teasing others, but is truly sympathetic and will almost always take the time to help anyone in need. While she can be a bit deceptive and even conniving at times, she is completely loyal to those who've earned her trust and would indeed sacrifice her very life to protect those close to her. Unfortunately, she is a bit gullible and there are those who would take advantage of Rose's good nature.

Alignments: Neutral


As a shadow familiar, Rose has the ability to shape-shift , changing her body to match whatever form, organic or not, she so chooses so long as she isn't in a area that is too bright. While she is no shadowmancer, she has the slightest control over the darkness, allowing her to do such things as temporarily defy the presence of light in small area of space. Being naught but an ensouled shadow, she is able to shed her physical form while in darkness, causing her to be immune to physical damage. At all times, she is immune to weaknesses of the flesh such as air deprivation, hunger, poison, and other substances.

Glyph Magics: A strange and ancient arcane art that consists of the caster infusing their own energy with text or pictures of any kind, resulting in a different outcome pending on what is utilized. The strength and effect all depend upon the content as well as the materials that make up whatever is infused to perform the art. This however is quite inefficient and while it may be useful in the spur of the moment, the art is much more effective when utilized on specialized, refined "Glyphs". These glyphs are strange symbols, representing the equivalent of spells that characterize others adept in other arcane arts and can be learned by an adept of this art. Unlike conventional "magic" this art, rather than using chants or requiring a simple mastery, consists of memorizing these glyphs, bringing these glyphs into physical form, and then finally channeling energy to empower them. While an adept of this art is omnipotent with the glyphs, "spells" with the same effect and caliber as other "spells" from other art forms generally take a longer amount of time to conjure in this art. Along with the art comes the ability to sense and manipulate energy. Unlike other methods, Rose senses these energies in the form of glyphs and while most spells are cast too quickly for her to manipulate, she's able to learn new Glyphs from this. Enchantments and the like however are constant and are considerably easier to manipulate.


Light is her main weakness as while her ability to change her physical form is most obviously inhibited, she generally consumes more energy while in the light. The brighter the light, the worse the symptoms are. While she might not be physically harmed by light, she's considerably weaker in it. While in bright light, she can still morph into one of her two main forms, although at the cost of possible exhaustion.


Alexandrite Infused Ribbon: An elegant silky ribbon that no longer functions as it once has. While it once exhibited a rich green color in daylight and shifted to an eery blood red in darkness or artificial light, the beautiful ribbon now displays only its rich green counterpart, shifting only with Rose's mood. She keeps this treasured gift wherever she goes and is rather protective of it.

Tome of Glyphs: A rather large and old tome that seems never-ending. Recorded in it are Glyphs new and old with countless blank pages for more to be recorded in the future.


-Sweets: Rose claims that eating so many sweets is why she is so sweet. As a shadow familiar, she doesn't gain anything from eating, but for some reason just can't get enough of anything that tastes sweet.
-Yarn, Tassel: For some reason, after being a feline for so long, she starts acting like one even when in human form.
-Animals: Spending most of her time as one, how could she not develop an affinity for animals. Even though she prefers her feline form, she still loves dogs and canines.

-Foul smells: Rose actually has a sensitive nose, especially when in feline form, and dislikes bad smells.
-Loud Sounds: Rose actually prefers more serene settings and rather dislikes too much ruckus.

History: To come soon~
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