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 Exploring a new Land

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PostSubject: Exploring a new Land   Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:46 pm

Remembering his experience with portals of any kind, Tony pulled energy around himself to act as a telepathic filter to prevent himself from the inevitable assault of thoughts and emotions that always pester him when he's in a crowd. Not knowing what to expect is the hardest part, so better to be prepared than not. Following this logic, Tony walked through the portal and began quickly and accurately taking in his surroundings.

An open field, with trees around the area, a few paths, and what sounded like a river flowing nearby. A simple building stood in front of him that seemed similar to what he would imagine an old fashioned tavern to look like years ago. Knowing that it couldn't be possible for such a place to exist in reality as he knew it, Tony began focusing on seeing with his third eye and probed the energy around him. Shuddering from the instant overload caused by the energy probe, Tony realized that this place was a nexus of sorts for different universes. Knowing this could mean all sorts of danger, He added extra layers to his shielding to account for any stray energetic malfunction that would end up hurting him.

Realizing that on this plane, his abilities were a lot easier to manifest, Tony set off for the bar. Walking in for the first time, he realized the place was rather popular. A sure sign that random scanning would land his ass in trouble, Tony decided to walk up to the bar and order a simple tea. Picking up his order and paying the barkeeper as inconspicuously as possible, Tony began to sip and relax. He had an interest in learning more about the world that he had stumbled upon, but was by no means going to throw himself into danger to learn. His best option would be to sit back, relax, and try not to make himself too obvious a target.

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Exploring a new Land
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