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 Personal Posessions

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PostSubject: Personal Posessions   Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:13 pm

In Sconosciuto, Personal possessions are bound to you by your personal energy signature. This signature can be easily discerned by anyone with experience in using energy or magic of any form.

Items that are taken with you into the multiverse are bound to you by your energy signature, and will slowly regenerate themselves using both atmospheric and personal energy. Take caution to not destroy your items too often, as a drain of personal energy will lead to fatigue and eventually the death that will send you back to your own realm, usually unconscious.

Shopkeepers in Sconosciuto are experienced in binding energy signatures to their customers so that they can take their items anywhere, although there are rumors of black market merchants that are experienced in "cleansing" items of their ownership.

Upon leave of Sconosciuto, all items purchased are placed in a transdimensional lockbox that can only be accessed for free by returning. If anyone wishes to have an item delivered to their realm, they must pay a fee of one coin per day in the respective realm to a political figure with the the authority to do so. Known figures are the heads of each of the main cities, and the tavernkeeper of "The Glass Less Traveled"

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Personal Posessions
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