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 Magus Potentae OOC

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PostSubject: Magus Potentae OOC   Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:02 am

Just a thread to help my keep track of characters.

Available Magus choices:

Magus Incindeae - The ability to draw energy from fire. This could manifest itself from simple heat or light, to full out flames.

Magus Undae - The ability to draw energy from water. This would also include the ability to create ice, or control and shape any liquid.

Magus Terrae - The ability to draw energy from the earth, especially gem stones. This could include shaping earth, or drawing on specific powers from stones. This would also include healing.

Magus Sylvestris - The ability to draw energy from plant life. This can include causing plants to grow abnormally fast, and in any shape the user wishes. Can also casue plants to grow spontaniously, without the need of seeds.

Magus Divi - The ability to draw energy from the wind. Can harness the power of the wind, from a gentle breeze to a roaring tornado.

Magus Bestiae - The ability to draw energy from animal life. Depending on what animals are nearby, this ability changes. For example, drawing energy from a bull would increase strength, while drawing energy from a squirel would make one more agile and quick.

Magus Lunae/Soli - The ablility to draw energy from the moon/sun. Drawing from the sun is similar to Magus Incendiae. It is stronger, but restricted to daylight. Drawing from the moon gives one the ability to control emotions as well as heal.

Current characters:

Narrel - Terrae
Cal - Bestiae
Xee - Bestiae
Ryrill - Incindeae
Ashem and Mehsa - Divi

Taiju - Undae
Kalen - Sylvestris
Jerin - Lunae

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Magus Potentae OOC
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