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 A layout of the tavern and its important features.

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PostSubject: A layout of the tavern and its important features.   Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:49 pm

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
This is a small map of the tavern. The only major person here is the bartender who also runs the other functions.

By walking up the stairwell (stairs go up from south) you will find rooms for rent. The barkeep is trained to cook and clean up after anyone who stays.

Behind the bar is a small sign with prices for room and board, as well as most things the bar offers from their selections of food and drink. If prompted, the bartender will offer up small menu's to anyone looking for something not on the sign. The prices are often reasonable, at one coin per drink, two per meal, and five for a week's room and board.

The bartender himself is a rather interesting character, sporting a tuxedo shirt and vest with an open collar and the sleeves rolled up. He has a black mustache and a monocle, But perhaps the most interesting feature he posses is undying patience and the absence of a tongue. Due to this, he is fine with everyone merely calling him "barkeep" and makes no move to tell anyone of his true name by any form of communication. His mind is surprisingly guarded and one might feel as if they have been punched if they attempt to read it, but makes no move to shift to anybodies side.

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A layout of the tavern and its important features.
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