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 Death in Sconosciuto

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PostSubject: Death in Sconosciuto   Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:25 pm

Death in Sconosciuto is a strange phenomenon. Instead of the traditional separation of the soul from the body, People experiencing death have reported that their vision scrambling while hearing loud static before waking up in front of the portal they originally stepped through; as if they never left. Many choose to believe that their experiences in Sconosciuto were just an elaborate dream, brought upon by various conditions of their lives. Others remember the truth and treat the realm and the friends they made there with respect.

Sconosciuto has a strange enough sense of time, but this phenomenon of death is a mystery altogether. Nobody can explain why the gods have chose this as their preferred method of sending people back to where they came from, but nobody can deny its effectiveness. The only other method of leaving Sconosciuto is by finding another portal and force themselves back to where they came from.

Despite the unplesent experience of death, many choose to return. Nobody is truly banished from Sconosciuto, but there have been rumors of people disappearing without a trace. These rumors centered around individuals who has a horrendous reputation for causing chaos and were generally disliked by all, so nobody has really investigated further.

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Death in Sconosciuto
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