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 Effects of the Atmosphere

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PostSubject: Effects of the Atmosphere   Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:16 pm

The atmosphere of Sconosciuto at first appear to be rather thick, but after a few moments of breathing it your eyesight will adjust to see through it.

In the air is a constant fog of loose energy that alters anyone inside until their departure. The effects of the atmosphere apply to anything exposed to it and are as follows:

- Enhanced strength and durability.
--- A specific example is that a normal human can now take much more punishment from firearms, magic, or otherwise.
--- Equipment and cloths seem to slowly repair themselves and are much more durable.

- Enhanced senses.
--- A human with 20/20 vision can now expect twice the accuracy in his vision, As well as be able to hear at a much better rate.
--- Anyone with experience with the arcane can attune themselves to the atmosphere and enhance their abilities.

- Immediate exchange
--- All currency on you will be converted into the special gold colored coins used as currency in Sconosciuto.
------ These coins are weightless, and seem to conform to whatever space you fit them in, allowing millions of them to fit in a single pocket without taking up more room than a single coin would.

Studies have also shown that there is an exponential relationship between the energy level and how much the atmosphere increases their abilities. Normal humans become able to best normal bears with little problem. However with the application of the atmosphere changes to both, humans are at the same advantage of being in peak physical and mental condition.

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Effects of the Atmosphere
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