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 A Dance Of The Dead

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PostSubject: A Dance Of The Dead   Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:16 am

By the title of course the party between (3-6) will start at the beginning of a wonderful evening they have been invited to, to which they celebrate the noble mans birthday known as Arch Duke Traven. This takes place in a large (palace-like to be exact) manor on top of a hill side that overlooks the wide stretched valley and oceans upon oceans of green lushes grass. However what you don’t realize is the party members, are already dead, you’ve been invited dear guests to a Glutton’s party where you are the main course but by all means dance the night away and even roam the corridors of this lovely abode, but after your tour of course we would recommend you LEAVE THE HOUSE!!!!!

The attended time for your party to start dear guests begins at 7PM and will continue till the early hours of the morning but of course you don’t know your really for supper until a fatal flaw in the whole scheme to eat you is shown through others actions and eyes so be perceptive.

This role play will reside around a Horror/Thriller genre so those who can’t handle violence please DO NOT JOIN. There will be descriptive writing on how to destroy enemies but of course that is up to the writer but again I have warned you not to join if you do not like this sort of thing, you will be in groups (either in 2’s or even one big group) considering how you all want to play this out. I’ll of course make enemies and lesser monsters so you know what you are up against.

Character List: (If you’ve already gotten a character please just paste their name and a link to their page in your reply so we can all see who they are, if you DO NOT have a character ready for this particular scenario I’ll make a character skeleton for you.

Character Skeleton:
Appearance: (Written or picture your choice)
Marital Status:
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A Dance Of The Dead
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