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 Twisted's Chosen

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PostSubject: Twisted's Chosen   Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:25 am

Dear Readers

I hope you don't mind the vastness of creation I'm about to plow into the many threads I am about to create but this is the benefit for many types of Roleplaying threads, some human, some deity(s) and other of course found in fantasy. I hope you enjoy, maybe you'll come out with a few ideas yourself ^^.
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PostSubject: Re: Twisted's Chosen   Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:01 am

Name: Danny Lorre
Alias: Harbinger

Age: 24 (Reality 73)

Species: Reaper

Birthplace: Athena (Otherworld)

Gender: Male

Appearance Detailed:
Eye Colour: Honey suckle brow-right eye
Crimson red-left eye
Height: 5'8
Skin Colour: Caucasian White
Hair Colour: Ebony/Coal Black
Weight: 148lbs
Clothing: Casual- Black fabric light jacket with white fur pasted on the limbs, dark blue baggy jeans hanging over his black trainers with white soles, multi-lined black and white long sleeved shirt.
Body Type: Athletic Type

Religion: Takes in the many forms of worship conducted/explained/performed from the four corners of the globe and takes a single piece of religious out take from each one.

Personality: An odd ball and very unpredictable, Danny has a strong will and an even stronger temper to go with unnatural strength. He see's weapons as tools nothing more and values the strength another holds within the confines of their body, he is curious about the world and the many beings that inhabit it, travelling to learn all that there is to know. He values friendship and understanding and despises power without direction or restraint, he can become shy around the opposite sex but will make nice small gestures if the time calls for such acts. A well balanced Reaper who is sympathetic to the dearly departed and conducts his work effectively as such, he knows that all living things have a cycle and as such his strongest belief comes from the Cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth, he doesn’t consider himself an Immortal or above anyone else due to his station however he does expect a level of Respect if his work is being witnessed by others. A strong Will and Intelligence to go with it, it was never the Reaper within him that caused his mind to resist many temptations or control over his physical self but his own personal strengths to persist and live on until he, himself, decides when the time is right to pass on.

Weapons: Danny normally uses his hands in combat even against projectile weaponry and close combat, his hands may seem like flesh but the reinforced bone structure within Aids him in battle and thus allows him to deflect most mortal attacks, when a stronger weapon is involved however he would be forced to use his Scythe "Soul Drinker". A weapon able to withstand many harsh attacks, its grade is as powerful as its wielders "Willpower" to continue the fight. Which is why Danny is one of few who can handle this weapon well? "Soul Drinker" also bolsters the strength of its wielder and amplifies their strength to heights only higher beings can comprehend. Thus Danny only uses his weapon as a last resort due to his morals of self restraint.

Tactics: Due to him being a partial strategist, Danny recognises his talents for being very perceptive and noticing flaws in his enemies or the surroundings, he has no illusions of using other means of winning a battle or even a "Everyday" convocation, this doesn’t mean he will stoop low to attack another to win a battle but if his foes feel he isn’t low enough to use the surroundings or even attack them from behind, guess again.


Advanced Elementals: Endowed with the knowledge of the four elements to a degree where can manipulate his surroundings to change and cause damage to groups of foes, however he is not trained enough to cause tidal waves, firewalls or even hurricanes for that matter. It is also this knowledge that enemies find "Useful" and underestimate Danny's capabilities that he is viable to win his battles, stronger attacks are not always the smartest.

Teleportation: A trait learnt over many years and attempts of moving from one place to another in an instance, Danny is able to sense the Aura's of others from long distances and is also able to teleport to their location regardless of knowledge of the area or distance, he does however get drained if he constantly teleports from one distant location to another and will fatigue quiet easily.

Herakles: Forcing his elemental prowess into raw destructive energy, this stops Danny from using his elemental attacks for a time but instead endows him with the strength of legions of men, using a Scythe or merely bare handed the circumstances do not matter.

Harmony: If Danny can keep his sights into another’s eyes for seven seconds he can force them into a deep comfortable and irresistible sleep until someone either wakes them up or they wake up during much later in the day.

Clairvoyance: Danny is able to search far and wide into the world and on its surface to find others or objects of interests, there are no boundaries to where he can see and no physical objects to where can are not able to infiltrate.

Passive Abilities:

Strength: Already strong, Danny can lift heavy objects with ease and face off large groups without faultier or dismay in his own power.

Willpower: "If you believe it, it can happen" Danny has taken these words to heart and by all the light of Heaven or the Fires of Hell he believes he can face down danger without fear or dismay.


Betrayal: Through Danny can face down danger, it is betrayal that makes him lose hope in others. He would try to reason with them before attempting to fight, this can lead to serious injury,

Rage: A double blade, If by chance Danny does lose his "Cool" he tends to go into a frenzy and literally try to rip anything apart friend or foe. He also takes on dramatic damage as he would not dodge lesser attacks, a multitude of lesser attacks could kill his physical form.

Items Of Interest: A chain around his neck with the insignia of a Vagrant Cross


Danny from a young age had always been a Reaper and taught the ways of 'said' Reaper by the society that brought him up (Reapers are brought up by a mass of others to encourage friendship and a healthy upbringing). During the years he excelled at the scythe and using the elements to his advantage, a cool calm and collected young male who tried his best to live up to the expectations of being a Soul Reaper and taking the Souls of both Damned and Saved to their allotted 'Final resting' places, the young boy (and still young) soon after being able to leave his home world of Athena, took a likening to Earth the birthplace of mankind where they currently thrive and have made the planet their home.

Years have passed and Danny had taken his name from the young man who was renowned for his strength and capability in the fields of battle, Danny wasn’t sure what this man's occupation was but it impressed the masses which meant to Danny's mind he must have been a Hero or some sort of legend to earn the people's favour.(Rest of his history will be explained via RP)

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Twisted's Chosen
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