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 Characters Of Whatwillwork

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PostSubject: Characters Of Whatwillwork   Wed May 23, 2012 5:09 pm

Name: Andrew Gage


Gender: Male

World/Canon: Earth,Current his Pocket Dimension

Appearance: he is 5'9 feet. In his energy form he looks as black as space and has what look like night stars inside of him. in his orgnic form his has green eyes and dark hair skin is tan and wears a robe and normal clothes when trying to blend in.

Personality: Carefree, as he will some time watch a supernova in a planet less or dead systems.he likes to travel around the universe when he is not in his pocket dimension,Sarcasm,Freindly,hates war and needless Death.Meditates when he is at his house and trains.

Bio: Andrew was was born on earth to a poor family but one that care alot about he was a average person playing and talking to friends but he loved space and would always wonder about its secerts . He when to college for astronomy and hope to be one of the first reserches to get to study on mas or the moon. so he study hard and graduated at the top of his class in 2025.He was one of the one to be choise to be on mars in 2032.He was disappointed that it would 7 years before he could go a see space and one of the first outpost on a diffent planet he train had and was dreaming of his time there unknowning to him things would change his life forever.As misson day came he was nerveus and started to have second thoughts about the ride to mars but as the time ticked down he started to calm himself down.The media was there as this would be the first human outpost in space.They sat down in there seats and belted up and wait and the count down started "30...29...28...27" he was neveus one more time then the feeling when away.the count down when on;"5...4...3...2...1 Lift off of the Space lander Jamestown" as the rocket lifted off he was on his way to his dream to study and find new things in the universe.but something that happen one time evener 100 million yeas the universe ejects energy some call it magic others a storm of great power and force. the ship happen to be stop in the way of this of the storm for a short maintenance check and maintenance check; Andrew was not just there to study space in his train he when on simulated space walks to help if was needed. Andrew was outside because one person was need to move the trusters. septian was moving to get to the other panel when a small mentor hit Andrews cable harness and hit his crew mate suit which caused him to leak air and had to leave Andew to hold on to the safety railing but a small metor storm had hit the ship and the comms were down so the pilot thought everyone was in the ship the other guy tryed to get to the cockpit fast but he got there to late the pilot had used the thrusters which bumped Andrew into space.they so him folating in to space the crew freaked out and were trying to get a message to earth to find a way to save if but just be for they could the storm came and take andrew in a blink of an eye when to comms came back they tryed to talk to him but he was gone. in the storm andrew body started to absorb the energy it was slow at first but it all started to be attred to andrew his body slow changed in to energy then in to matter it repeated for about 60 seconds andrew was in pain that no being would ever know. he scream and yelled then he was knocked out by the pain of the transformation. he floated in space for 50 years as his body need to adjust to the power he gained 50 years ealier.he wakes up in a unknown part of space shock to know that his space suit if gone and only his jump suit is on and that he is able to beath in space he thinks for a minture and then trys to move he moves foward. He thinks to himself "how am I doing this? how did I get here? All i remember was drifting in space away form the ship." He was thinking of every possible thing that would make sense to a normal human in the end he could not make sense of him in space. Andrew thinks of a place of peace and quiet a portal appears in front of him he thinks" did I make this?"he puts his hand in it and then get pulled in. he is in space still but it all dark and he thinks again"maybe i can make light" he he curls he hand where a ball could fit and he focuses and makes a orbs of light it white and very bright.he thinks to himself."I should train theses ablites and maybe find new ones." he lets the orb float and he starts to meditate and his traing begins. in the yeas of his training he make the orb into a small sun and makes a small planet he calls home and has animals planet life and a house there.to get to this ponit it took him 150 years of trial and error it took him an added 250 years to finish train.he goes "home" to the universe he was born in and has great love for life and only uses his power to keep the peace. has encounter other Races and trys to stop them from warring but is some times over powered by the technolgy they had.

Abilities and weakness: Overuse of cosmic awareness can cause insanity except observation.uses power to much can weak or make him powerless if he uses it to the extreme. can only control his pocket dimension outside of his dimension he has limited control over the normal universe.can only have one pocket dimension at a time. he can not kill as the energy will not allow him kill the universes creations. he is highly durable and uses Physics Manipulation and Quantum Manipulation. when weak can die but if in any form of cosmic radation will come back to life looking fully heal but is only at 25% of power and will flee to restore his energy.He has no ki as it has been replaced with this strange energy he absorbed.Made of pure energy and can become organic.

Other info:He thinks of Earth and does vist ever 10 years.
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Characters Of Whatwillwork
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