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 Nephi's Book of Friends

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PostSubject: Nephi's Book of Friends   Fri May 04, 2012 5:12 am

So these are a few of my characters...

I'm still formatting a couple more, they're just ideas rolling about in my head at the moment. I like all genres, so I will be adding several characters of different species and also some that are more suited to science fiction or post-apocalyptic stories.

Name: Gillony (Gilly) Everett

Gender: Female

Age: Nineteen and three months

Birthday: The eighth of September

Physical Traits: Lozenge-shaped hazel eyes with green flecks like sprouts on a tree trunk. Pale olive skin with a few freckles here and there. White-blond hair tied neatly in long braids about her head. She is a bit tall for her age. She wears very colourful clothing, with many beads and scarves.

Manner: When she is angry, she has penchant for defenestration. She is normally rather reclusive and coldly polite, but once she has made a friend, she shows a bit of a talkative and mischievous side. She has a rather rambling way of speech with many interjections (well, so, er, then, etc.). She likes to note the colour of things in relation to her past.

Inner Self: Phlegmatic, INTP (will elaborate later)

Interests: She has an odd fascination with the end of the world. She likes flower arranging and bonsai. She is a fair hand at chess and other logic games. She has a pet ferret called Sebastian.

How others perceive her: Enigmatic, a mite neurotic, mostly agreeable, cold/aloof

Possible special powers: Plant manipulation, lucid dreaming

Goals: She wishes to someday be a doctor or an herbalist, and to perhaps have a family that she would she would care for and spend many long days with. She secretly longs for a adventure and mystery.

History: Gillony was largely left by herself as a child, in the house of slightly spacey uncle who she could rarely reach. Her parents worked as diplomats in other countries, and her elder brother as a traveling botanist, who sent her interesting specimens once in a while. She liked to see meanings in all that happened to her, in the plants her brother sent her, the time on her watch, etc., which led her to be interested in the end of time. There were a pair of trees in the vast gardens of the estate that she often spoke to and imagined as a pair of mystical lovers that would take care of her someday. She now studies medicine at an isolated academy in the wilderness.

Relationships: Uncle, brother, parents: a sort of distant affection

Name: Verick (Glass-Eye)

Gender: Male

Age: Thirteen and six months

Birthday: January 15

Physical traits: Dark brown hair, kept in a ponytail with long loose strands, bound by a piece of red leather. He is of medium height. His skin is dark and shadowy, his cheekbones are high. His eyes are a deep, almost black brown, like looking into a tunnel. He wears an elaborate black tunic embroidered with bronze, bound at the middle with a bronze sash, along with a pair of tall black boots.

Manner: Cynical, a kind of cold mysterious way, distrustful and biting at first, but intensely loyal after a long time of acquaintance. Very focused and driven to succeed. Tends to be slow and taciturn in speech.

Inner Self: Sun: ISTJ, Melancholic (will elaborate later)

How others perceive him: Rather unkind, skillful, prickly, troubled, loyal

Interests: Sphere manipulation, archaeology, drawing abstract sketches, lizards,

Possible Special Powers: Memory manipulation, telekinesis,

Goals: To travel to distant lands, and become a master at his skill. He is secretly fascinated with the emotions and motivations of others, and thus wishes to have friends again. He longs for stability.

History: He was the son of a poor family, whose main profession was weaving and textile work. A traveling circus bought him from his parents at the age of five, and he has since then worked with them. He manipulates glass spheres along his body, his special skill in the Solstice Circus. He is known as Glass-Eye there. They are kind to him there, and treat him like a son. He has grown to love to nomadic ways of the circus, and bears no memories or regrets of his old life. He used to be an open, excited child, ready to learn any and all they had to teach him. He even became close friends with another young boy that worked there. But during a training accident, the boy fell, and broke his neck before the eyes of Verick. Since then, he has grown wary of becoming close to others, just as he is no longer attached to a particular home.

Relationships: A kind of grandfather/grandson relationship with the master of the circus.

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Nephi's Book of Friends
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