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 Poetry by Kimberly

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PostSubject: Poetry by Kimberly   Tue May 01, 2012 9:03 am

We Are Young
We are young
Our hearts are still learning
How to love
And what it is to feel
We are clay
Held tightly in the hands
Of unforeseen change
But that doesn't define us
And you're right
No one know what you're going through
And no matter what I say
I really can't help you
But the truth is, what your going through,
Can only make you stronger
And if you really want help look within
Your heart is beautiful
And you are strong
You just haven't lived to your full potential yet
You haven't discovered the strength inside your heart
But a heart is a muscle
And it keeps on beating
Even when you feel like quitting
We are young
These are the best years of our lives
So make the best of it
You are clay
Don't let fate mold you

Just Listen
In life we learn when to move
and when it is important to be still
But the problem is we move to often
Without stopping to listen to the silence

Silence is beautiful
But under appreciated
And we leave behind the best parts of ourselves
When we fail to observe it

Be still once in a while
Listen to the silence
Hear your heartbeat
And know, at last, that you are alive

Then move more lively than ever
It's a rush to feel your heart racing
as you put your best foot forward
Toward what your desire most

Be still and listen
Then move and come alive
In a way never before possible

Just listen

This Is Me
I am entangled by my own heart and the limitations of my mind
I think to much and leave the things that matter far behind
Of course I live a life all my own never imitating those before me
I live a life in darkness and despair finding hope only because i search for it
I search in every dark corner and each night i find hope for a brighter tomorrow
after all the sun still rises every morning and there is beauty in every sunset
I am inspired by every breath I take
But just like every breath I take has to be given back
The inspiration I find cant be held in silence
So now i give to you what was so graciously given to me
In hope that you will be inspired as well
This is me...

Ode to Music
Music my escape
My hope for a better tomorrow
Take me away from the pains of today
to a land where happiness flows freely

Keep my thoughts at bay today
As i walk through the crowds
And they belittle me
Hold my head high and inspire me

I cherish the succulent sound
Of an acoustic guitar playing
as it soothes my soul in the darkest of hours
Oh music, inspire me
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Poetry by Kimberly
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