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 Mirror Mirror OOC

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PostSubject: Mirror Mirror OOC   Tue Feb 07, 2012 5:10 pm

"In 24 hours they'll be
Laying flowers
On my life, it's over tonight
I'm not messing no I
Need your blessing
And your promise to live free
Please do it for me"
~Jem: 24

Legend had it that there was a mirror that showed the opposite of what you were. Something that was good could be bad and something ugly beautiful, but is that necessarily true or is it something someone made up because of an experience they had? A Wiseman had said that he had went to the other side of the mirror. That it was a dark place the opposite of everything that was were he was from. That they should seal the other, as he called it, Mirrorverse. He took an orb and sealed the mirror with a magic that none of the people had ever seen before. A child with wide eyes saw this and said that the man was not who he said he was, that he was from the other side of the mirror. No one believed the boy, they said he was just surprised after seeing the miracle that the Wiseman had just preformed.

The child passed on the legend to his children, telling them to keep an eye on the Wiseman that he didn't trust him. The rest of the villagers didn't believe the now man but his children did seeing as the Wiseman aged only a little and had not passed on. Time passed and soon people believed it only as a legend. Not even the Wiseman, who was still alive but lived under a different name, was believable any more. A young child, one who was a decedent from the child who called the Wiseman a fake, found an golden orb on the ground, and saw a hidden puzzle in the orb. The child took home the orb and played around with it, trying to solve the puzzle, as the child turned the last row the child heard a click. A golden light emitted from the orb and a mirror was shown in the light.

"Help me," he heard from a weak voice that sounded similar to the Wiseman, "Our Great, Great Grandfather called out that the Wiseman was a fake, that he came from the Mirrorverse taking the original Wiseman. Whether that is true we do not know."

Here's a base OOC feel free to add and subtract
People needed:
The kid (doesn't have to be a kid I'm just writing it)
Mirror version of Wiseman (if the wiseman isn't already his mirror)
Mirror version of the kid

Nickname (if any):
MIrrorverse or Normal:
People of Importance (aka family/friends someone who would be big to your character in the story):
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PostSubject: Re: Mirror Mirror OOC   Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:36 pm

Name: Tyro
Nickname (if any): Has been named as 'The Red Fox'
Age: About 130, probably...
Gender: Male

Appearance: A tall, sturdy build and a couple of white tipped tails that absent-mindedly swing around, out of mind but in-tune with his mood. His skin is covered with his scarlet fur with a white muzzle. Tufts of white fur sit at the sides of his face like an overgrown beard. His non-threatening eyes are nearly obscured by a long dirty scarlet fringe from his shaggy mop he calls his hair that matches the colour of his fur. Two black ears pop out the top from the bird's nest that has never seen a comb. Most importantly, he looks about twenty at the most...His clothing hasn't changed either in over 100 years. He's still in a black shirt, white T-shirt and a pair of now rather grubby jeans. Most of these have been brought over and over to replace previous clothes that have been lost for various reasons.

Lastly, he stands on large black paws with large black furred hands. His claws are visible on his paws but not his hands. He appears to have created his body like this as a preference perhaps...

Laid back with a strong moral compass. He is arguably one of the few people that enjoy being what he is. Tyro likes to stand back from the world to look at the bigger, mad picture. He is a generally a cheery person. If he appears arrogant when it comes to his abilities, its due to his experience. He believes he knows just how to sort you out. He's quite lazy given the chance though...Sometimes seen as slightly dopey - even clumsy -, sometimes seen as a weirdo but always seen as largely out of place. An outsider, even amongst other Kitsune. He's talkative in the right mood or with the right subject. He will try to be as involved in a group as he can.

Some have remarked him as mentally ill. He never stays in one place for too long and has been known to get more irritable when confined to one place. It's usually the nomad like existence he has that get's blamed for the unusual behaviour he might exhibit. Other's think that, actually, he may have had his mind disturbed by horrific images and events in his life. Stresses and strains may have teased the fibres keeping his mind together till a few have probably snapped. Tyro often displays eccentric behaviour with little regard for his own safety. He has shown over and over a pathological determination to find those who he has deemed to be in the wrong and will pursue them till they are rounded up or dead. This is all done with what appears to be no organisational skill what so ever. Tyro appears to just make things up as he goes...

Some people believe he as actually gone senile instead.

Tyro has the experience from his travels to know, or at least look as though he knows what he's talking about in most situations. On the other hand, he does know he doesn't know everything. He's occasionally reminded of that. Interestingly, he does hold certain prejudices despite it being likely that others might hold some about him. Vampires make him uneasy. Usually people he thinks are...'falsely byronic'. Blame a usually optimistic outlook. He's also uneasy about anyone with the ability of telepathy.

I guess its worth mentioning he's quite bad with dating. Just a warning, he is mostly clueless and largely operating on the idea that he should just be polite.

Abilities and Skills:
Resurrection - The Kitsune are largely spiritual creatures and I mean that literally. A Kitsune is actually a spirit that commands energy - or 'chi' if you'd like to stick with the source material of these guys - and all abilities are dominated by an energy price. Resurrection for a Kitsune is simply the creation of a physical body in order to interact with the world. Its the steepest of all prices.

Tyro is often able to pay it by taking this energy from The Pendant of Mestari Tuli, but he will appear wherever it happens to be, this could be taken advantage of. Kill Tyro and throw his pendant into a cage. Done! Caged Tyro. In fact, most energy debts Tyro racks up are paid by The Pendent like a battery which is part of the reason why Tyro holds onto it and rarely uses its full power - it might dissipate...While the energy debt can be paid with any energy, its preferable that it comes from Tuli's pendant. You see, The Kitsune have a 'you are what you eat' mechanic with particularly potent or concentrated forms of energy with which they craft their physical forms. Tuli gives off heat so Tyro has fire-based abilities but others are possible if you can kill him, forcing him to make a body from, say, electricity or intense light perhaps.

Energy Absorption - This is rather straight-forward. The Kitsune can absorb energy from mostly anything; crops, people, animals, soil, fire, you name it. It fuels a lot of their abilities while being useful as a handy subduing attack by touching the intended target. Its possible for Tyro to weaken an enemy simply by touching, drinking the strength up till there is no fight left to give. This obviously has to be contact of skin, can't be done through thick clothes or the air. An added bonus of this ability is that attacks that use energy - take a dragon breathing fire, for example - is ineffectual, even beneficial because the energy of the attack is what causes damage. Tyro can simply absorb this and remain unharmed.

However, its not particularly regenerative. Tyro can't do more than stop bleeding by absorbing energy. Furthermore, Kinetic energy is something he can't absorb as well as the other theoretical forms of energy that you cannot see such as Elastic Potential or Gravitational Potential energy. So yes, you can still punch him in the face and it still will hurt. Often the more preferable option when fighting him.

Fire Breathing and Fireballs - An expenditure of energy that creates 'Kitsune-bi' - Kitsune Fire. Tyro can breath fire and click his fingers to create a reasonably sized flame in his palm that can be thrown. Low energy price attack. A form dependent attack.

Possession - This is basically a back-up plan in the eventuality that the Kitsune can't find the necessary chi to create a new form. It is possible for the Kitsune to hijack another's form and use that to interact with the physical world. The Kitsune is only able to do this as a spirit for obvious reasons and so must dismantle any bodies created.

Although, Tyro's only managed this when the mind of the person being possessed is subdued. He can't get around it when the host is able to resist him. Something like the mind being knocked out or seriously distracted. Heck, not there at all would be more useful. It's rather like getting behind the wheels of a car. He usually has the option to take control of the host body or sit in the back seat, if you will. He'll be there but in a more passive sense.

(Will only be used on NPC's unless permission is given.)

Illusion/Transformation - Two abilities with a lot of overlap.

Tyro can change his appearance easily as long as its either human in appearance, a fox or a comfortable equallibrium between. A 'furry' is the best way of explaining that stage. Whether the change from 'furry' Tyro to Human Tyro is an illusion or physical transformation isn't certain but Tyro is certain when he's a fox though...Illusions he can create are usually small. They will get smaller and less detailed the further away he is. He might be able to fool someone he has a different face or that he's holding some flowers but it works better close up with plenty of time to conjure his tricks of the eye. You end up with wispy blurs otherwise. The ability rarely comes to him, to be honest, as fire and hitting people is more useful in his daily activities and I wonder why I bother to put it up but it is in his arsenal of abilities as a Kitsune. It is there and could be used. Transformation is more of a cost than fire but still low, while Illusions are much more energy hungry. A medium cost ability if you will.

The weakness of these things are drugs, traditionally alcohol. Drunk Kitsune often let their Illusions slip or let a tail poke out while trying to blend in with humans. It numbs the brain, you see.

Combat Skill - We are not talking masterful here. He's competent. He can throw a punch properly. He can block properly. He seems to quite like using moves where spins to build up momentum. He could be shoved aside by anyone with more powess than Bruce Lee hyped up on blue Smarties. He can fight well enough to participate in most battles, but not exactly gracefully. Its not to say he has no technique. He seems to still remember some vague martial arts training from a life he barely remembers now, but its all mostly from his experience of travelling, battling certain foes with only his wits - which do have their moments, it has to be said...His abilities are often the saving grace his fighting abilities need.

The Pendant of Mestari Tuli - A pendant containing a powerful soul of fire inside that hangs from Tyro's neck. Mestari Tuli was, arguably, the most powerful wielder of fire ever recorded so far. The Mestari were always looking for the most powerful for their elite ranks and put their abilities to watch over other worlds. Tuli earned the nickname "The Walking Sun". Intence heat continues to emanate from the stone in its centre to this day. Tyro's protective over it and quite rightly...It's sparingly used as a sort of fire bomb.

The Kitsune Tail - Mestari Tuli's former weapon; A blunt decorative axe that is designed to be heated to a red hot glow. The abilities of Tyro, helped by the Pendant, allow him to make the weapon reach these temperatures, letting the searing surface make up for the lack of a cutting edge. The 'blade' is in the shape of a fox that clings to the rest of the weapon. It's tail slinks around the handle of the weapon like a large hand-guard.

The Heartless Sitar - A weird instrument that resembles the deformed offspring of a guitar and a sitar. It has a long neck but a wide body, like an acoustic guitar. Its painted red with trimmings of black. The hole has a black-red-black edging that curls off towards the bridge like cat tails. The head is similar to a Les Paul guitar but it curves like a violin. Two jagged bits of what looks like a blue quartz have embedded themselves in the body. The Sitar seems to have tied to absorb them, the wood warped around it like wounds growing around knives left in. Believe it or not, that was his transport. It could summon whirlwinds that carry him away when the right song is played. It can do more but he has forgotten the songs along time ago. It has long since lost this ability. It can be summoned at a whim by its current master. It appears and forms from black wisps.

MIrrorverse or Normal: Normal.

People of Importance (aka family/friends someone who would be big to your character in the story): Yuffie - Former Wife. Children - All eight of them.

He's basically an old woman's gift given in exchange for her abilities. I suppose you've never heard of repaying for what life bestows on you. She saved him from destruction, to gain his new life. That of a Kitsune. So now, he wonders. He travels from once place to another like a sort of caretaker, fighting for good. Its as simple as that. And he's had about a hundred years of such a life. He's had a wife, raised eight, now-grown children and fought plenty of villains and even lead a series of events that lead to a pendant that contains the power of a sun being kept on his person all the time. Strangely though, he quite likes his life.

A little more detail? Errmm...all right...I'll keep this brief.

- Little is known about Tyro at age fifteen which is where you can find the earliest mention of his name as an obscure folk legend. Many places have had landmarks destroyed with him supposedly present. Records are either too vague or have been lost.

- At some point afterwards he makes new friends after parting ways with his siblings. He meets Sonja, Griffin, Jordan, Harley, Yuffie (a different Yuffie to who your thinking of) and others. They travel to more places, aimlessly wondering and trying to help where they end up. Wondering vigilantes, if you will.

- After years of this, perennial adversaries started appearing. The entrance of Kyrios is the one most significant to Tyro: the seem to see each other a rivals. Well, actually. Tyro see's him as The Devil incarnate, Kyrios sees Tyro as an endless supply of entertainment. The group will fight him and his swelling ranks for years. They've battled his growing armies that thrived with each new conquest and escaped his attempts to capture them all. They all bare some kind of scar from their endeavours right up to this day.

- Tyro's was gained from when the Mestari returned. The Mestari were the elite of magical abilities was added to there ranks. After the murder of Mestari Tuli by Mestari Meili, a powerful psychic, practically flattened Tyro's resistances to psychic abilities. He's barely recovered since.

- He eventually got together with and married Yuffie. They had eight children, sharing adventures with them all until they grew up and left on their own paths.

- Yuffie is murdered by Kyrios' General Theodorian after 80 years. He returns the favour to the General.

- He's been wondering since, usually towards places occupied by Kyrios and his forces but is apparently randomly travelling to nowhere in particular for one simple reason: he likes to.

Please appreciate that over a hundred years is a long time and only the most monumental details have been included.
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PostSubject: Re: Mirror Mirror OOC   Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:52 pm

Name: James Sheppard

Nickname (if any): Jim

Age: 17 (since I’m going kiddish haha)

Gender: Male
Appearance: Jim is average height for a boy his age, he’s lean and has muscle from helping his family on the farm and hanging out with his friends. He has messy brown hair, usually messy cause of all the work he does and him riding his horse. His eyes throw people off because out of his siblings he’s the only one that inherited his mother’s green eyes. People say he looks almost like a replica of his great, great grandfather. He usually wears durable pants and a lose shirt because it is easy to do work in. His face doesn’t really match his age, as he’s been told he looks 15 most times.

Personality: Jim is usually laid back. He believes in the treat others the way you want to be treated. He is a hard worker as his family needed him to work from a young age. Curious by nature he always loved the story of his great, great grandfather and always felt that there was something off with the Wiseman. The curiosity of his got him wondering if what his twice great grandfather said was true and made him sometimes watch the man who seemingly never aged. It had never clicked in his head how a man who was supposed to be as old as he was now when his great great grandfather was his age was still alive.
Jim always had a sense of adventure but his sense of duty, to his family and village, has kept him home. One day though Jim would love to go outside of the village’s metaphorical walls and see the world. He also really likes puzzles so sometimes during his times off he would go to the ruins where the ancient mirror was said to exist and try to figure out some of the puzzles that were left there. His friends’ joke that one day he would find the entrance to Mirrorverse and prove his great, great grandfather right and that the Wiseman isn’t who everyone thought he was.
Jim likes being active, he doesn’t like being bored so he’s learned some interesting and useful things to keep himself from boredom. It is probably another reason why he loves puzzles. He also likes to hunt and fish which he and his friends found out one day on an impromptu camping trip. He also knows how to wind surf and surf normally as the village is close to the ocean. He and his friends also like to play different sports, most they just make up.

Abilities: He is really good with plants and animals as he works on his family’s farm. He knows how to use a dagger and a bow and arrows because of having to protect the farm and for sport as well. He and his friends will sometimes practice archery on their horses for entertainment and so they can protect their village from bandits. He’s a good tracker and hiding from people or at least he likes to think so because of his hunting and being able to sneak up on some people in the village and visitors. He can cook pretty well because his sisters made him learn, their reasoning was that when they left he would starve.

Equipment: Bow and Arrows, Dagger, his Horses: a Clydesdale mare named Diana and an Arabian mare named Gypsy. His family owns other horses but those two are his personally.

Mirrorverse or Normal: Normal

People of Importance (aka family/friends someone who would be big to your character in the story): His Great, great grandfather Arthur Williams (mother’s side) was the one who yelled out that the Wiseman wasn’t who he said he was. Jim’s father died when he was young so he lives with his mother Theresa Williams-Sheppard, his three sisters, and one younger brother. His best guy friends are Ryan, Chris, Matt, and Warren and his best girl friends are Claire, Kaisa, Leah, Brianna, and Nicole. His second employer is Clifford Gordan who he works for when the man and his wife need extra help or are going out of the village.

Background: Jim’s father died when he was eight-years-old and his little brother was four, him being the eldest male had to take up the family mantle from there. His grandfather and Mr. Gordan helped a lot during that time teaching Jim everything he needed to know from farming to hunting, and teaching him how to ride and break in a horse. At age 13 he was given Diana who was age 6, at age 14 Gypsy was given to him, age 5, both were given to him and both only listen to him. His sisters take care of the selling of wares usually but he helps out with that when needed, he’s mostly needed at home to do the heavy work though. At age ten he got tired with all the responsibilities thrust upon him at such a young age that he hitched up a horse, Gypsy’s mother, and just ran, he then ran into the ruins of where the mirror in his family’s legend was. He came back later feeling remorseful for acting like a spoiled child and apologized to his family. He kept going back through the years to the ruins because of all the different puzzles in them, or at least they were puzzles to him.

Other: Jim can’t sing at all, he has no sense of music at all. If he wasn’t forced to learn how to cook by his sisters he probably would have never learned. His curiosity and having to do something is a virtue as well as a vice. He gets into trouble a lot when he goes to town making his mother Theresa worry like no other and he is a complete mama’s boy. He would do anything for his family even though they drive him up a wall. He can’t do magic at all, in fact his village only has the Wiseman as their only resident magician in the fullest term.
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PostSubject: Re: Mirror Mirror OOC   

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Mirror Mirror OOC
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