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 Your Invited - OCC

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PostSubject: Your Invited - OCC   Tue Oct 04, 2011 4:14 pm

Your Invited

Let our your inner Villian.

"I want an army that doesn’t respond to pain...An army that is fearless, vile, and cruel."

Lord Kyrios is also, often known as The Black Fox, is looking for the exceptional of the exceptional to join his already vast ranks in the highest position possible within Kyrios' army of purple armour: A General. These are strange, powerful and often dangerous individuals. The best of the best and often the rarest of the rare. A kind of monster expected to act as a queen commanding pawns. They are loyal to their men and Kyrios, or he deals with the man personally.

So, who are you in this tale? A regular townsfolk lured by the promise of money, power and that cushy seat? Or perhaps a fighter from a world Kyrios controls and has decided to join ranks when you cannot beat them? A mage that was promised knowledge beyond that of a commoner, or even an elder from hundreds of civilisations kept in library after library? Twisted monster or curious oddity to valuable not to be added to the ranks? A heartless creature that was hired by the Lord to push these people that was unfortunate enough to fall for the trickery? A demon to watch over things?

He awaits your reply in the Invitation to the estate where he intends to meet with you. From there, it's not known what happens.

Yeah, I'm throwing open an RP centred around bad guys this October. I've done this RP twice before, I will admit, and I've have some pretty interesting results from it. I've had some bizarre creatures turn up for the job. Now, I thought I'd bring it here too. All you need is a villain. A ruthless manic or a cold blooded killer or maybe just a creature so unusual or rare that Kyrios had to add you to his collection of maniacs.

Background: (Must include a plausible reason for joining Kyrios as a general, of course)
Other: (Short, important bits of information that will not fit above)

The Leather-Bound Book

The Villain Tournement | Your Invited
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Your Invited - OCC
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