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 Back To School Short Story Contest 2011

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PostSubject: Back To School Short Story Contest 2011   Sat Sep 10, 2011 9:03 pm

Books Up To Your Ears

The playgrounds were a level plane of tarmac tattooed with coloured lines. While they were awash with the somewhat reluctant march over the black surface of tar, it was still in a definite line. There was little deviation from the constant beeline of all the parents taking child after child - either solemnly or kicking and screaming - towards the building. The crowd was largely made up of people in nice looking suits when you'd expect more robes and funny hats. Those people had arrived to with their children to say good bye but you got the feeling that they don't have an office job to get back too...There was also the parade of trunks, backpacks or suitcases that rolled behind or bounced against the shoulder blades. They were packed with clothes, books, pens and little pieces of home. The mothers held back tears. The fathers kept a stern look like they were watching a sun set in the most manful way possible.

The wind picked up, throwing some of the September leaves towards those walking about. Some of the looser hats were thrown off heads while a few had their hair revamped before their meetings. One girl screamed as a leaf latched to her face, believing it to be trying to eat her. It dies down before another victim is claimed by the fallen leaves.

"Are you sure? I could have sworn it was different!"
"No, look! My book says so."
"I've met nice ones. Not every werewolf is murderous."
Tyro had arrived, followed by Toivo who was only about as tall as his hip at this point. Tyro had made a genuine effort not to look like the scruffy animal he usually arrived as. He'd arrived as a human for starters. The usual white muzzle where you can find mud in the long tufts at the side was gone, replaced with a button nose and more usual lips. The chin was still being broken in. Also, without the usual layer of dirty scarlet fur, you could see the heavy shadowing around his eyes from years of bad sleeping habits. The long hair had been combed in as much as you can whip the usual birds-nest into some sort of shape. Even Yuffie's given up at this point.
"What about when there's moonlight?"
"I've met some that have managed to hold back and be civil. Sure, you can't treat them like a dog but they won't bit your head off. I bet they don't say anything about those guys." He points one of his fingers at Toivo's book.
"Err...no...I think it just explains how they work..."
"Mmmm...Well, it seems to get that right."
Toivo was getting to be tall like the others, Reasonably inevitable. She too had hidden most of the fur and things, walking along in her bland little uniform. A blue and white striped tie with a grey cardigan and trousers. At least this place let her where trousers, pleated skirts where like trying to get vampires to kiss crosses. By Inari, there was such a damn fuss.The crying, the moaning, the fire...
"Dad!" She said, looking up with those wide, dark brown eyes.
"If a werewolf lived on a moon, would he be a werewolf forever?" Tyro stopped tugging the suitcase almost as large as his daughter and thought for a second.
"I, er...I, I have no idea...No-one has ever bothered to send one there to investigate." Damn, now that's going to bother me all day, he thought to himself.

They joined the march towards the front gate and Tyro could get a good look at the place in reality. It was one of those artsy, modern building that had glass where normal walls would be. The roof sloaped sharply and didn't meet in the middle like a classic roof. It was like an archetect had gone nuts.
If they're making me pay so much for this place, they might have had more of it, Tyro thought. It was true that there was only what seemed to be a playground and a reception area judging by the room on full display. So where was the rest of the school? Here, there was only a few swings, some tarmac...There should be more here right?

He managed to waddle through the all the parents and the kids and the luggage towards the doors and into the resonably nice office. It was gloomy in the light the heavy clouds gave outside but there was the "Welcome back" banner in a misplaced sense of excitement over the office where a kindly-looking woman in silver rimmed specticals smiled at the new arrivals smiling at her.
"Hello, I'm Mr Kitsune. I'm supposed to talk to someone before dropping Toivo off?" Tyro said to this woman.
"Ah yes!" She turned presently towards her computer, tapping and clicking away at the screen full of Mircosoft gray and white boxes. Toivo's face pops up on the screen, dark brown hair, eyes and fair skin.
"Yes. Isn't she lovely there." The Receptionist said, giving another warm smile.
"You can have her if you like, I've got plenty." Tyro said, raising her smile with a slightly mistivous grin.
"Hey!" The Receptionist starts grabbing materials and things underneath her desk. In a few seconds, she has a photo card for Toivo.
"Ah, if I were paid whenever someone said that to me..." She seemed to llinger on that through longer than necessary. "Hmm...Yes, now that will be needed for lots of things. You drop her off here now." Tyro's eyebrows raised themselves.
"Here? Can't I show her in?"
"Not usually done." The Receptionist said. Tyro looked over to the other parents in the room. They all seemed to follow the same procegior. Hug, followed by a kiss, followed by the kid running off. Hmm...Seemed a little easy.
"All right. Toivo," He kneels to her hight. "We're saying good-bye here it seems." He opens his arms and they're filled with Toivo.
"See you later, Dad."
"Yeah. Take care of yourself. Work hard. Turn people to frogs if they annoy you." A giggle before they release each other. Toivo takes up her luggage, and walks down and around the corner out of sight, waving all the time.
"It's hard to let them go, huh?"
"First time you've let her go to a boarding school?"
"No...First time I've had to see her off without seeing for myself where my money's gone though..."
"Mr Kitsune, you never put down your occupation, now that I remember." she said, bringing the file up on-screen. "What do you do?"
"Err...." How to sum it up unambiguously..."I just sort of wonder about usually...You know, doing odd jobs..." There was a pause...And uneasy pause.
"I'll put Freelance..."

Toivo stood in one of the many elevators that ran like clockwork around here. Other places had to rely on trains but here at Malice Academy of Magic, you had a network of lifts that flew through tunnells in the ground. The large-ish box was filled with just her, the suitcase on wheels attached to some string and the numbers up above slowly ticking down. Then ticking up. Then adding letters to the numbers. Then ticking up while the letters when down. Then they swapped. Then they swapped again. Yes, these metal boxes could have benefited from something more interesting to stare at than an LCD display of red numbers. People will go nuts trying to keep a mental plan of the place they're trying to get to.

Toivo touched down with no idea of direction any more. All she new was that she was probably underground....probably...The floors were still in the school and office grade carpet tiles that must cost less than anything that will last longer than fourty seconds. She's set fire to alot of this stuff. Otherwise, the walls were a boring, unoffencive beige. She guessed she'd been dumped in the dorm rooms, considering the long corridor of doors with girls and boys dressed the same as herself running around and chatting. Onwards she walked, looking at her card for her dorm room.
"Oh right! Your the new girl, right?" She stops and looks over to the boy who'd shouted from behind her.
"Hi! I'm Toivo." She said. His face seemed to twist in laughter at the sound of her name.
"Where the hell is that from?" Toivo shrugs, moving onwards.
"'Ey! I'm talking to you!" He runs after Toivo, sliding in her way. "Your so rude!" Toivo trys to get round him. He slides infront.
"Can you get out of my way?"
"Where's your name from?"
"I don't know. Out the way!"
"Pretty rude wherever your from."
"Could you move?" The boy takes a large step back, entering some kind of stance.
"Nah! Not till you tell me where your name's fr-" With a quick flick of her hand,Toivo forces the air to make the boy slip over. He's shoved into an adjacent room, landing on the bed. The door swings closed slowly. Toivo rushes off, slipping into her room finally. She takes the suitcase over to the simple room's corner. Nothing but simple, cheep MDF flat-pack stuff. An odd faux-wood colour had been splashed on the walls too. Still, the bed seemed soft...

Well, she'd pissed someone off already...

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
― Mark Twain

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Back To School Short Story Contest 2011
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