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 Saiyuri's Characters

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PostSubject: Saiyuri's Characters   Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:02 pm

Due to the fact that there is no power in my town currently I am posting this from my iPad and so nothing you see as of yet is in any way complete. I just wanted to have something up so I could start to rp with y'all.

Master List
Kire - close to completion (missing reference drawing)
Rosalee Minire - very in complete (currently in progress)
Nira Cynthis - very incomplete

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PostSubject: Kire   Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:25 pm

NAME. Kire
AGE. Unknown
RACE. Being
MAGIC. Void magic
World-Render (two-handed sword) that disappears into her breastbone
Six small knives that disappear into three small circles on each forearm
Twin axes that disappear one in each shoulder blade
Five daggers that disappear low on her stomach
Twin short swords that disappear on the outside of each calf
Two fist weapons that disappear into her knuckles
A scythe that disappears into her spine
Two scimitars That disappear into the insides of her thighs

She has more tattoos than known weapons, some she cannot summon weapons from, others she can. The void is mysterious as always and may temporarily or permanently gift items as it sees fit.

Physical Description
--Art coming soon--
Pale almost white skin, deep violet hair with red violet highlights, oil slick eyes

Personality and History
Kire was never born, she was something summoned to life by a long-dead cult. As a result she is neither fully human, nor fully a magical being. She is a thing of power, but a very specific and finite power. Those that summoned her wanted a creature of the nothingness, something that was both physical and non-existent at the same time. The proxy to this is that she was never truly nothing to begin with. She was the abscence of people gone with time, the emptiness that fills a room, but to be truly nothing is simply not possible for mere humans to fathom and so they could not summon such a thing.

She was summoned as a fully formed human adult by sheer accident. Wild magic, once summoned has a tendency to do as it will rather than do as it's told. For as human as she looks though, she is not. Kire has never thought like a human nor had the needs of a human. She does not hunger or tire, nor will she die from lack of oxygen. This is not to say she cannot be hurt, but without human belief she cannot exist in the physical world. When she is cut she bleeds, when she is burned her skin blackens and melts, but to kill her is something not easily done. She can be forcibly banished or imprisoned, but never truly killed. 

Spells will keep her out of dwellings, make her unable to touch or influence certain people, but such things do not bother her. Time works as it does for everyone else around her, but because she is not alive in the sense that most are she gives time very little thought. She has an endless well of calm patience and cares little for politics or the affairs of most. If she is needed enough by someone, there are spells to both contact and summon her if desired. She is like some whisper in the dark, brought into life by the living and so must she serve them. 

Her human form was truly accidental, a vessel was needed in order for her to walk amongst the living. What the cult had wanted was a threatening figure, they were even disappointed when such a small and harmless looking woman was what they got. But make no mistake, Kire is not at all what she appears to be.  Her magic is easily called void magic for that's what it is. The tattoos that cover her body act as sheaths for her many weapons, sheaths not made of leather and metal, but made of the void itself. To say she is armed to the teeth is a grave understatement. What she lacks in appearance she more than makes up for in skill with her weapons. When she was summoned she came with full training of one-handed and two-handed weapons of all sizes. She prefers her blades, but is deft with axes and maces as well. She carries no ranged weapons within her and has not tried to learn them. As comes with great power she came with much arrogance. If she did not come with a skill she does not believe she has need to learn it. There are many that are better with weapons than she, but it is the fact that she can carry so many weapons that gives her an advantage, it is very hard to disarm her permanently.

Because of the sheer amount of weapons she carries, she tends to walk around with most of them visible. While she looks delicate and human, just the sound of her weapons as she walks is enough to make most think twice. She wears her weapons and the tattoos they unfold from as clothing. The only weapon she does not carry in the open air is her precious two-handed sword that she clutched when she first found herself in this world. It has come to be called World-Render because when she feels the need to take it out it cuts not only skin deep, but into the void from whence she came. She does not draw it lightly and so to even see the weapon is enough to strike fear in to most. Were it not for human niceties she would walk around in the nude save for the weapons and their physical sheathes. As it is, she wears very little, only covering what is deemed necessary for her not to raise a fuss. Her attire does not change with the seasons, being of the void she neither feels cold nor warmth. 

Typically when she is summoned it is to stand at the feet of some king or queen. The spells have been passed down through the years, but always kept as a secret. She has no alliegence to any ruler or kingdom, she is a weapon and nothing more. She will not fight for rulers and kingdoms because she has always been apart from such things. She was not initially summoned by a ruler and has never intermingled in any court affairs. Many forget that she is there even while in the same room. She so rarely speaks that many believe she has no ability to and thus are careless around her. Her only exception to her rules of neutrality and silence is when someone mundane summons her. For her specifically to be summoned without a spell is rare and as a result she feels duty-bound to protect her summoner at all costs. She cannot keep them safe from the ravages of time or their own carelessness, but when she considers herself bound to someone of little power, she cannot be summoned by any other spell.

When she is without someone to protect and is summoned, she cannot ignore the call. She can resist it for a handful of moments, but she cannot refuse it outright. She travels through the void as a portal, but like so much magic, it is unreliable. Unless she has a destination predetermined by magicks other than her own she cannot know where she will end up. While she may not be human, she is curious. She will travel through her void simply to see where it takes her. Always when she does this she hides all of her weapons within her and wears a deep coloured cloak with the hood fully drawn. The cloak is dark enough and made of such a material that while it is black, it can seem the deepest of purples or blues depending on who looks upon it. She is not an easily recognized figure, but if she is recognized it tends to strike fear in many. The tattoos are almost a dead giveaway, but her eyes will always give away that she used to be something that wasn't human. They are black in the way an oil slick is black, you know what colour it truly is, but you can't help but see the myriad of colours that swim atop it. Her eyes are always swimming in such a way and even when she closes them, the deep sinking colour can be seen through her gauzy eyelids.

While she is dangerous, Kire is by no means a dangerous person by nature. Many have made the mistake of trying to use her as an assassin, but that is simply not her way. It takes active magic to keep her from being able to harm someone, but it is a small magic. She also hasn't got enough care for things as petty as feuds or rivalries. She will not actively kill someone for politics' sake, but she may do it for sake of boredom or practice. However unreliable she may be as a weapon she makes for an excellent threat. She might not kill for kings and queens, but she does enjoy putting on a good show. She will pull what may seem like an endless parade of weapons from her body if she is not wearing them already. If she is wearing her weapons at the time she will simply store them in their proper place, which is almost more of a show to see all of those dangerous things sunk through her pale pale skin and leave no mark. It tends to leave many wondering how many weapons she truly boasts. 

It is not advisable to try and steal any of the weapons that make a home for themselves within her body. They are more void than physical, if they are wielded by someone without any void magic it is almost a guarantee that they will injure them either in mind or body, it takes someone with a great deal of void magic to be able to touch them, let alone use them in battle. Again, the exception is anyone that summons her through need rather than spell. She will often give them her weapons so that if they lose them in battle and someone tries to pick them up they will be harmed. Just because she is not holding a weapon doesn't mean that she cannot recall it into her body. Enough people with power have seen her call back weapons from a distance so they look like they should impale her small form with the speed at which they come back to her and flow into her body.
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Saiyuri's Characters
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