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 I absolutely love/hate this.

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PostSubject: I absolutely love/hate this.   Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:52 am

I saw this on Roleplay Gateway and I just had to share it. For those people who are so awesome they can't even pull enough creativity together to make a Mary Sue, there is this generator!

Here is my *coughs*awesome*coughs* new character:

Quote :
She appears to be a normal nurse except she dresses like a pole dancing ninja, her eyes can see people's chakra flow and her hair is golden and changes color depending on her mood, but secretly she is actually a half-unicorn.
She is a scientific experiment gone wrong megalomaniac and she will fight her enemies with the power to shoot lightning with her third eye or to turn her foes inside-out with her mind.
Her friends and enemies call her Shadowclaw Unicorndancer!
Her constant companion is a living young zombie who is also her father.
Her favored weapon is a holy blessed flamethrower which cannot be used by anyone else.

And this:
Quote :
She appears to be a normal soldier except she dresses like a catgirl monk, her eyes are surrounded by tiny ice crystals because they are so cold and her hair is navy blue and she wears it just like Yotsuba, but secretly she is actually a half-slimegirl.
She is a holographic projection created by Nazi scientists during World War II and she will fight her enemies with the power to take the shape of anyone she fucks or to restore her health by eating corpses.
Her friends and enemies call her Daybringer Heavylake!
Her constant companion is a ancient friendly wizard who is also her soulmate.
Her favored weapon is a legendary blessed katana which shines bright like the sun.


Oh, come on Jo, you don't want a pole-dancing ninja/nurse buddy? That'd be fun, huh? lol

Ok, seriously now. I just found this extremely funny, and sadly very similar to some actual character I've seen. So, I figured it'd be worth a mention. Heh.
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PostSubject: Re: I absolutely love/hate this.   Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:06 am

Sadly, actual bland characters in my experience are rarely this inventive but its still a cool site and a nice Joke upon the whole thing.

The Leather-Bound Book

The Villain Tournement | Your Invited
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PostSubject: Re: I absolutely love/hate this.   Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:09 am

A Mary Sue generator. Well, now I have seen it all. The programming has some bugs though, it seems that some of the writing it conjures up sometimes conflicts with itself. By that I am suggesting that it become impossible in literacy terms. I actually have created Mary Sue Characters in my time.

My first was a Gary Stu(very new and young at this time), a necromancer however I still keep him alive, granted I've balanced, modified and changed about twenty times to make him more reasonable. My other is on Role Play Gateway which is basically a biological structure-organ building-that was compacted to a living form (sort of like a mobile form, since a big building of guts can not move at all) he had a lot of powers. Mostly due that I cross bred the mobile form with the building form. If I kept the two separate he would of actually be very well set out but sadly I got embarrassed at how I messed up and threw him to the furnace.

The idea for the latter was indeed strange, but I have a habit of creating rather whacky characters, I love to experiment and be weird designs, such as my creation the Aviosa-Bitter and Sweet or Okikay (my Doppelganger)

It is insanely easy to create a over powered character, although Mary sues and Gary Stu's are somewhat an orthodox creation. Most people that create these are ether un-fit to role play to begin with through emotional cripplment or lack of intelligence, sometimes though these are simply created on a bad day of writers block.

I should also mention that I beleive that there is nothing like a bad idea, just bad executions of ideas. But..some sanity helps too.

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PostSubject: Re: I absolutely love/hate this.   

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I absolutely love/hate this.
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