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 Un Poco De Imagination

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Un Poco De

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PostSubject: Un Poco De Imagination   Sat Feb 26, 2011 7:05 am

Welcome to my circus of thoughts, my side show of stories and my Gallery of Lives, everything before you has or will be role played by me so come in and feel free to look around.

This place is indeed a mess, I apologize but it so hard to find good help these days. Especially when the clutter is in you're mind...

Oh, if you're wondering why my Skeleton is so orthodox I thought that I would experiment with laying my characters out in the same way a character in a fighting game would. I figured this displays my powers most strongest skills yet places requirements so he won't "god mode" allowing him to be impressive when he releases his maximum amount of power yet not take the cake and ruin fun for others by making them easily accessible or seem like standard moves to the character. He actually seems like hes putting his all in these attacks, like a boxer who just went nuts and is now sweating and gasping for a moment in recuperation..

Theme Song: General-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS9mMjdlQ-s&feature=related
Theme Song: Strife and sadness-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv08F2b7mCk&feature=related (I know it sound more happy, but remember, he always, always has hope. So there should be a strong presence of faith and happiness in there too)
Theme Song: Final Thrust-end specials move-http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/82573

Name: Serencia rejamin-Preannounced:Serenfia Rechamin



Appearance: Serencia stands as a man with a strong back bone, generating a rather fine image of posture for those that lay their gaze upon him, acting in a respectable order to those around himself as he keeps his inner bones in a strong tense default stance when walking, everything about this fellows shoulders and spine stay in shape, even when moving or sitting down as if he had years of practice in the art of proper walking. A fine line of skin matches his respectable bold joints that accommodate his flesh wherever he may go, appearing as a firm body on the inside yet somewhat soft on the outside, perhaps it would be linked to that his skin is not even pickled by wood or metal, making his natural hide appear smooth and clear without a sight of patches of red skin or gritty damage committed to the integerity of his being. His overall tone is a the stand between pink and white, appearing not to pale and ghostly but yet a expert on the harsh lessons of the sun above he is not, he bears no spots, no cuts or wounds and seems to be perfectly in tact, in fact you would find his skin above the normal standard of most people. Apart from this he stands at a basic height of five foot nine and there go does not stand as a tower shadowing among the crowds nor is he swallowed by the waves of people but rather blends in and moves with them when being in average height. The young man is hardly toned in the realm of muscles but it would not be far from reasonable to suggest that with arms as bulk-less as Serencia's that such a person was in fact physically weak. A perhaps somewhat embarrassing fact to mention is his smooth, un- touched physical attributes Rejamin has over his frame, appearing more as a tall boy when he shows no lumps or hills of flesh upon any part of his body however in accordance of balance he is very well kept in terms of weight, showing off a slim but healthy figure for those that fixate on physical characteristics. Serencia has no real differences to a human body apart from his abnormally well cared skin, not a scar or a birthmark shows him off as unique in any way. Rejamin wears a full on suit which stripes down from to bottom in perfect synchronization, each of his clothing wielding the same width in gap both in between these stripes and upon the actual stripes themselves. It should be mentioned that Rejamin's clothing are all in a fresh wine red all over, spilled upon his straight and always clean leggings that are just slightly round across his thighs and ankles although appear more rounded upon the sides, the front of and back of his trousers are both straight and hard pressed in a tight grasp upon his legs. Above this lays a simple leather belt of a purple tint, seeming shadowy in a sense when kissed by the shades of his bearing body although appearing much more majestically and blue when kissed by the light, apart from this the belt only has a tiny steel grip on it that hold the clothing in place around his waist. The young gentlemen has his torso consumed and hidden by a very finely woven upper matching suit, being just a bright and volatile red upon the the gaps between the stripes and then entering a darker, blood stain brand of the tint when contrasting within the vertical lines down his body, deviating from tint and paying attention to the suit itself one should in awe at how fine and strong such a clothing seems to be when sitting upon his shoulders. The upper suit is curled just like his legs although quickly become straight but feasible upon the shoulders and wrists along with the elbows of the uniform while the actual torso is placed out in a respectable fashion, being smooth to a point that one has to wonder if it ever creases at all, remaining strong and presentable all the way through, two split cuffs sit upon his neck, each of them symmetrical yet pinned by a small golden piece of jewelry, beach of them being a tiny piece of black diamond with a runed circle encasing in an high tongue language known as "Tomo" all around it. Serencia wears a small hat upon his scalp that reachs about a couple of inches out in the air, appearing to be a bright red top hat, poking out like a belly button on top while the sides are but a smooth puddle, over arching his face just enough to smothered it in shadow. The final details are of course the Youthful Sirs face. Srencia has a rather thin but not malnourished face, appearing as a rather smooth and vertical man with minor lumps in his cheeks, stopping him from being perceived as as scrawny but more suitable in terms of facial depth, apart from this his mouth is just slightly smaller than that of an average identity but has a wonderfully perfect nose to make up for this slight mutation, His eyes however both have just the tiniest hint of bruises under them from stress and lack of sleep but overall it doesn't really become apparent until one is up close to him, just above those lower lids is a set of rather bright Green orbs, both of them cindering slightly, showing both emotion and heart as they glint ever so subtlety at the sides. Rejamins hair leans just slightly over his ears, forming a set of delicate along with well balanced lines, showing a sense of order from being combed and washed so much, the actually color however is a rather devious black , revealing themselves like a set of waving tentacles reaching out from the shadows and shades of the darkness.

Personality: (I am not going to go too in depth as I want most of his personality to develop as I go along) Serenfia is a hard worker and always believe in giving one hundred and ten percent in whatever he does and can get rather hard on himself whenever he fails to achieve anything, resulting in easy moments of depression although even when swallowed by shadow in his life he tries to remain hopeful. Born to be a higher breed in the social class he is a gentlemen by experience, by thought and by education and thus finds it very easy to get offended by brass, vulgar and dis-respectful stances and language. Serenfia is mostly friendly but can perhaps speak his mind a bit at the wrong times about certain social reactions-read history, the opening sentence, did he have to make that comment? no-Rejamin is rather fond of children, Teenagers and small, cute animals and so finds great satisfaction in making the youth laugh and feel joy, he also though loves the idea of making people happen even if their commoners or rude infidels.

Powers: Serencia uses alterative magic known mainly as the "Jomomoja" which consist very little of actual offensive and defensive spells, Jomomoja all focuses on items like teleportation (Short range and long range) energy bending along with a number of seal commands which offer counter attacks if hit, Although his personal own attacks marginally are a pair of clasps at his neck whom both release a pair of magical blue hands out to punch and kick his foes rather than actually physically attack them himself. He also pairs a companion under his top hat that pokes out every few seconds whom is called "Timiphie" this little beast when revealed gets shy aswell as scared and starts to release a moderately size beam at his enemies, producing moderate damage.

Lets say an average character of normal strength has 10 hits.
Punch/Kicking with his clapss=equal to half a hit. Grab attacks=to a hit. Timiphie based moves=to a hit(2 if close). Seal attacks-offensive=two hits defensives=1 hit if it counters too. Just to demonstrate how weak he is and fair even though he has all those shiny powers, that exactly what they are, they are there to be creative and shiny to look at.

Special Powers(Ultimate Moves): 1: Tomokoja (The Ruthless Spiral) Forces the enemy character to be teleport in the air and then have a following seal appear before them, making them land on it then activate the spell trigger, commencing a giant spiral of beams that cause massive damage-Requirements: he must have of hit the enemy character five times in a row, not have used any other moves yet. Needs one turn without being hit after getting the row. Cannot be dodged unless in the air already or underground, using this is an instant knock out.

2: Yoe-ta(The Tormenting Charity) Makes a massive ball appear of physical energy, this physical energy will be cast forth as a moving set of pure white coins in a caterpillar like fashion. If one hits, the rest hit by default as they home in on you. If the first one misses, the spell is instantly dis-casted and another move can't be committed within three turns-Requirements: Three hit row combo in a single turn or a two hit row in separate turns. Can't be activated in the air, can't be used if the characters within a metre distance. This move can be used repeatively in a match. Cancels out meet requirements if he takes a heavy single hit(3 hits worth). This attack is dodgable unless hit the first time.Deals seven hits.

3: Kiki-komeja (The Gentle Subduer)-Ultimate Attack-A massive seal appears before Serenfia, standing as a massive gate, when hit upon or touched it will activate the attack and then transform the area around the enemy player into their most cherished memory-or their "happy place" if they don't have one-this also sends tranquility through the opposing soul, relinquishing them of rage or the desire to kill, in fact this is so peaceful it simply exhausts the character and makes them collapse upon the ground, Kiki-Komeja however only tears apart demonic and evil born monsters with rays of light (unless they are capable of human emotions or are only half demon). Requirements: Must have a five hit combination of attacks in a single post, the seal must be hit when it appears otherwise the attack is canceled. Needs a single post to charge after a combo. The seal once hit is utterly impossible to dodge, move or teleport out of, mental resistance or physical is futile.

Threat Level: Amber Two-Middle or rank B if you desire- Although Serenfia is indeed a good magic user and has some pretty swift attacks, he doesn't deal a great deal of damage in a normal standard kick/punch type attacks, even he does these magically. His seals although very troubling require enemy touch or hits to be activated, making them hard to utilize effective. Serenfia ultimate moves make up for this but the requirements make it hard to do these as he is not a very quick character and does not pull of combinations or hits with ease without opening himself up to strikes as well.

Overall status: Approach with caution, get ready to at least get hurt if you fight him but he won't be slaying no demon lords or super cyborgs any time soon not without a bit of luck and being in the "zone" at least.

History: "My history? it is so refreshing to see a commoner with the ability to taste the air of importance around me and act upon it without a fear of loss pride. Very well, I grew up in a secluded mansion known as Gegi although as I aged more and reached upon my teen years I found that my father: Horonisioa Rejamin had successfully transformed the lands into a small town we now call Rejo-meria after our late grandmother. Rejo-Meria is a well supplied but small village, it took a good deal of our family fortune to produce it but the return has kept us in our accustomed life style. I am the second mayor of Reja-meria and of course with such a title I am financially healthy and well refined in many ways of life. My job consists of many things to aiding in motivation of our planted companies or going out of town for very special business. My mother Vellili Rejamin was most of the time around with various maids and butlers as father was a extremely busy man but of course that is to be expected of the mayor. Beyond this my time was just spent as many other of my class would have, ether studying or learning proper etiquette. Oh. I forgot to mention I studied a very rare magical power known as Jomomoja, do not feel ashamed if you have not been enlightened by its existence, very few have. I am a master of Master of Jomomoja and I also have a few relaxation tricks too. I come all the from my heart warming home land Rejo-Meria to pass my trial. In my family it is tradition that a family member at the age of twenty four goes out and earn his riches to keep our wealthy lineage strong and to now benefit the town my father has built"

Previous and Current Occupation:Former-age 10-Student-12-student/library apprentice-age 15-assistant library man and student-17-Co-Mayor and head of documentation/student-20-Co-mayor and Industrial Complex manager-Current: Technically still a co-mayor and industrial manager along with public relations master although is given a allowance of free time to succeed in his trial.

Explanation on the hit system:Please note that the hits are just to give brief description on actual attacks worth, so we can say 3 hits, oh that would be enough to knock him to the ground in a single punch. Or 1 hits worth would equal to a pretty standard well directed punch. You don't have to utilize the hit system against me in a literate sense, I just thought it will cut down text if I put damage in a numerical form.

Proof read and spell checked, I apologize however if there are still some errors.

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PostSubject: Re: Un Poco De Imagination   Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:22 pm

Theme Song when not bonded: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Name: Nemoic, Nemac, Nemoo, Mulo. (each name is given by a new owner)

Age: 93 Years old
Race:Dronus (Drone=drone. Us=Direct or Directed if us is at the start. It also changes to Dronus la (insert name) once bonded)

Powers: This character cannot be destroyed although he has no way of attacking others without a leader, when a leader dies he automatically stops moving once more, he also imitates his masters moves so if his master acts like he got hit then he will copy him, if his master crawls he will crawl ectr. Certain high level magics can also immediatly deactivate this unit, although it would have to be a abnormally high level.

This character is capable of lifting up to three tons of weight in total whilst being capable of acting as a shield although highly ancient magical attacks will affect this unit, he can also be knocked down by massive levels of force.

Flaws: Very, very slow and his mimicing attitude can make him hard to utilize effectively in a fight or even daily life. If this character is depressed he moves slower and thus makes him even harder to use.

He can fight on his own-as long as he has a leader. Meaning he will not have to be guided step by step-although his own fighting style is basic and predictable.

The Dronus is a strange and indeed dangerous species. Most seem to be lying around, dressed in weeds, molds, poisons, plant and sometimes even debris aswell as corpses of animals in rare occasions.Dronus do not age, breath or suffer from muscle deteriation as these beasts are totally and utterly immune to any form of negative backlash one may receive from simply being alive such as sickness and degeneration of any sense, although they are in some cases immortal they also suffer from a massive draw back. A Dronus can not direct themselves, they require a leader of some sort to even make the most basic of movements, These creatures can not even twitch a finger without the guidance or example of a leader of some sort. There are many myths about Dronus's such as being ancient experiments or perhaps a form of robot but none have been proved yet but the most mistake belief is that a Dronus can not think, such a statement is a form of ignorance as any one who has owned a Dronus will find that when they disagree with something
the minion will simply not move and protest in a apathetic fashion, they do also however become extremely depressed when an owner dies or leaves them. Once a Dronus bonds with someone it is almost entirely impossible to convince them to leave their leader, even if they strongly morally disagree with the leaders choices. Due to a Dronuses loyal nature and lack of any signs of a soul they are considered to be the supernatural eqiuviliant of a dog, happy and obedient in any sense to be with their master going to the point of even following random people around as soon as they decide they like someone. A Dronus is powerful and deadly mostly due to their height as standard extend up to eleven foot tall and most will weigh at least three hundred Kilos in total. There are many different types of Dronus, depicting all of their appearance in one stroke would be a task too heavy for any mortal to deal with although there are different breeds of Dronus. A Dronus is also known to remain stubborn to moving when feeling depressed, although a happy Dronus tends to move quicker than a normal one which is normally fake and lumbering. A Dronus moves by itself if it is in a extremely hot area like a desert although most temperatures they will remain still except on rare occasions when they will gather up the bravery to travel about a bit, when a Dronus does move by themselfs it is laughably bad and weak as well as basic, normally they will only move about for a single day unless youhappen to meet a especially rare Dronus, although jsut because one does move on its own dosen't mean he will cease his search for a leader, they are far from self reliant and are extremely guilible on their own along with clumsy.

Deathus. A deathus reach up to ten foot in total but appear far more dark in terms of color than a Dronus. While they both share fates designs a Deathus will also bear very little understanding of any sort of emotion and constantly suck the life out of their leader while appearing innocent and sweet. Most Deathus are insanely powerful, normally carrying a spear, cannon or sword on one of their hands which can break the most powerful of spells or steel although each usage of them for an attack sucks a chunk of life out of the user, making them drowsy simply after a few hits. Once a Deathus has devoured somones life force entirely they will simply stroll away from the corpse and await a new stranger for him to leech off. Deathus have no sense of remorse or moral outlining so discussion with one is utterly useless.

Appearance: As a Drounus Nomac reaches an astonishing high stance of eleven foot tall, appearing like a tower to most people as he looms, peering at those below as if they had been caught in the light the building projects. The Dornuses legs are long, thin and seemingly fragile in a sense as if he was standing upon poles like a circus actor although these limbs are also carrying a vague hint of a shine as if they where copper or bronze beneath while the rest is covered in a soft and friendly pink pillow like skin, reaching all over although there are holes and torn areas to were one has been left to the harsh treatment of nature and battle. His feet in total are barely the size of ones arm, if not just a tad smaller by the thread of a hair while the actual length of his lower limbs reach to four feet in total, making most people stare at his knees or just above them. The fluffy and pink casing around his legs has a small clock hanging from the side, shining fiercely with pure silver when meeting the gaze of light upon its body, the clock doesn't seem to work any more as it is left open, its insides pure white with a pair of motionless hands and scratched glass. Above the Dronuses legs lies a very large scarf that is wrapped up and around his square based waist, being a rather rough pair of hips the clothing tied around him seems to be somewhat jagged although in truth the scarf is rather thick and soft like a long lengthy cushion although this is colored in a neon yellow with a small black outline of a heart sitting at the middle, his hips however reach to four foot wide in total although as one travels upwards they will spot that his torso gets more thin to up the chest which once again extends out to four foot wide in total, being utterly square at the top, looking much more like a blank of pink wood rather than pair of shoulders.

The arms of Nemoo reach up to seven foot each while both are at least three foot wide each, both of them being rather long tubes with a small bronze pipe reaching from the wrists and outwards to the sky, lazily admitting smoke to the air in a black gust when moving in any fashion. The metal units hand each are a width of five foot and extend to at least four foot, making the tips of his fingers scrape against the ground he wanders upon all of them fat and flat like bricks of metal, all of them weighing spine snapping amounts of weight. Nemoic's neck is utterly caged in a number of yellow rings, four lying upon one another before stopping at his chin. The Dronuses face is entirely human in both shape, style and expression although the skin that make up this unit is a liquid like metal while his eyes are a cubic size with tiny teal dots in the middle while numbers of tiny scales mark his eyes. The being overall is utterly pink all over and tends to have soft substances covered all over him, like the pillows that caress his legs.

Personality: Although a Dronus is for the mos part expressionless they are capable of having thoughts and feeling. Dronus are for the mos part innocent without a leader, normally overly scared or lost without someone to guide them and thus normally when they do move on their own-it happens very rarely-they are over curious and playful. Nemoo is for the most part utterly passive to any sort of aggression, the rules of combat are far too complex for him to act out on his own although he will lazily swipe people away if they repeatively attack him or make him messy-throwing mucky stuff at him or drunks vomiting on him-when he talks he is slow and for the mos part confused like a mentally crippled child.

History: Nemoic:I see it, an image. Image of yellow, bright yellow shirt..it small, very small no bigger than my leg. It has arms, small and chubby arms that reach out to me, it has a head, but I can't see it....he face is shadowed, looking up from the floor. All I can see is a pair of shinning blue eyes in his shadowed face with water leaking out. I reach out, I stretch as far as I can but I cannot reach...a sound enters my mind..help, it is asking me for help. I try to move..but I can't..I'm scared and soon..the yellow disappears.

Nemac:I'm alone...In black...then green shows up, bright green like-like...leafs..no, grass this time the head has long hair and eyes burning a bright purple. She smiles at me but she changes..her back hunches and trembles. This time I move, I chase after her as she falls and I catch the green, I am not scared this time but her face is saggy and wrinkled, I try to open her eyes but my hands to heavy and I...I squashed green then angry voices. Again...I'm alone.

Nemoo:More colors appear, a purple. Bright purple,he held me and had a face, yes a face of brown skin and looks smooth whilst his eyes a dark and lightless green. The darkness fades and yellow shines all around like heavenly light. He holds my hand, I could smash him to pieces by mistake but he did not care, he would stroke me and gave me..gave me a scarf. We walk and behind shows up splattered red behind me...time passes..red is everywhere now but I did not care...he loved me until...shadow..most black came. I huged him and protect the purple...but the shadow rips him way from me.

Mulo:Finally, a last colour comes. A vibrant and innocent blue, no. It was not innocent, he seemed innocent but he had something in his hand..a shinning pointy stick..monster..people...red colours show up and I start swinging my first at them, standing in his way but he screams..loud screams ...alone. Alone again...I am scared, I do not know what to do. Save me...someone..anyone...


((I need to proof read this, maybe balance it a little more so please forgive any mistakes)

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Un Poco De

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PostSubject: Re: Un Poco De Imagination   Sun Apr 03, 2011 3:37 pm

Name: Menona Semitemei

Age: 80078 years old

Gender: Both genders although assumes the role of female in a traditional sense.

Appearance: Menons stands at a rough five foot seven although when fully dressed she reaches a five foot eight due to the added layer of her high heels. The hybrid Menonna is a being with a most abstract look in total, although she carries
a perfect complexion of white skin which makes her body appear like a blanket of snow, being perfectly symmetrical and flawless and has not earned or obtained any scars or bruises upon her face, however although not normally seen her sides are covered in massive gashes where her punishment had taken place. These once large wounds now appear to be rather beaten skin, slightly blackened from extreme punishment all the way down to her thighs in a perfect pattern of four inches each. Those wounds lie under a team of armpits, clearly from where her extra limbs had sprouted out from within her body and have left there mark upon her flesh, making the Goddess have a number of arms, six on each side all capable of reaching far and wide due to being at least three foot long although all of them are scrawny and lack any muscle despite being perfect in shape and health in other ways. The body Menona Possess is both perfect yet strange, her cleavage is rather moderate, perhaps even a tad smaller than most womens while her hips are wide and curved like that of seductress which following along up her frame in a hour glass shape, whilst her arms bear a small mound of muscle, just enough to be toned and firm but not rough, Her legs and thighs although not big or very well curved are small but firm in tone and texture. The womans face is shaped in a rather timid circular, seeming more child like and feminine in a cute fashion while her lips are a bright and fragrant red but yet her eyes deviate from this as they appear to be a rather powerful black that could match the most deepest levels of darkness one could find with a small gentle wave of blue in the very middle that resemble the bottoms of the oceans.

Menona has a large flock of dark blue hair that sits on her scalp like a sea of dark, majestic arcanic spells, glittering gently in the light and appearing to reach at least two foot down towards her back whilst bearing a number of tiny glowing purple reflections in it. It is a custome for this hair of the goddess though to be locked in to a pony tail that extends a few inches from her body and thus creates a more preserved image. The lesser deity wears a assortment of clothes in her day to day activities-I'll describe them in her introductions-

Personality:Menona is a very hard working women, in fact she such a hard working women that she rarely has any time to do anything else and is rather pessimistic about that but to say she does not like her duties would be far from the truth, she has grown to love all her children even if she did not give birth to them herself although she has a habit of being over motherly to her grown flock when meeting them. This being is not very powerful and in truth does not act like so but she doesn't really go around helping people either as she hardly see herself as such a being with power. She is humble and holds loves for almost all mortals due to her position. People would normally mistake Menona as a figure of joy but she can be very cruel and enforce tough love when she needs too as well although she is always sacrificing to avoid this. The real thing Menona expresses most when not working is being alone and has come somewhat accustomed to rejection as in her words "Men just seem to be adverse to a women with Twenty Eight Thousand Kids"

Powers: Menona is a goddess of birth, breeding and motherhood and thus has the power to dictate the health of any child before it is born. She can give talents, skills and physical attractiveness to a person at birth however she can make them still born, sick or somewhat defective in some way if she deemed necessary. In her domain she controls a large sector of element to the weather to the tempretature and the rate at which food grows. She is ultimately powerful in her world in some sense although she has no real magical attacks or such. Menona has risen most races from their original, that is Menona job and service to make sure the first baby of any race, god, demon, angel, spirit or mortal is risen successfully and with care and so most of their descendants are plant with a vague, vivid memory of her as a mother figure, making them somewhat more trusting to her although this isn't a must.

Menona has a number of arms, allowing reach along with the power to utilize the power of defensive wall magics although these are not greatly powerful. On top of this she is able to use command her infants to attack-she does take car of giants and monsters infants too-

History: In the beginning there was a league of gods, this was before any races existed yet the world had come alive and remained healthy and strong as any Eden. The hope of new life was high and soon a race was made to become the perfect children, the servants of the gods to replace a previous race of creations. Menona was the original of this race, she was human, the very first human to come to live and thus was trusted with caring for the new born that will soon come to be the gods ultimate creation. Jealous Menona poisoned that child in hopes of killing but failed however the damage done was ill-reversible and thus the race known as elfs was created, full of imperfections yet long lives and physical perfection. When the gods found out Menona was bought before them and had her sides slashed only to have arms grow out of them and then cursed to forever to raise the children of each new race, both supernatural and mortal alike. For many years she rebelled in a weak attempt but was un-able to deny her gods, soon though she came to know and understand her sin when she grew to the sound of childrens laughter. After many nights of crying and hard days of caring the gods saw her remorse and blessed her with forgiveness for her actions although the womans punishment must stay for she still sinned. Thankful she continued her duty and eventually proved herself to be worthy of godhood and thus Meona became the goddess of breeding, motherhood and birth. It was this she was given two assistants, one was a humanoid known as "Damoctrax" who had to document every single birth and their physical state, their dates and their names along with their races and talents. The second was a powerful alchemist known as "Yoimo" a female who must conjured up the talents and skills the babies will be born with.

Menona was cursed still to raise 2800 babies or more-sometimes more, sometimes less-and when she had risen them all to adult hood will find her garden of roses had bloomed a legion of another children the next day. She rarely sleeps and only gets one day off in every Twenty years.

(thats the short version due ot being tired. I will reveal more about her in her role plays)

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Un Poco De Imagination
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