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 Iron Cross Characters.

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PostSubject: Iron Cross Characters.   Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:49 am

Iron Cross Characters.

I’ll add more… and I’ll work on the current character sheets when I have time.

1. Dracious Draconous
2. Sekivar Nokovivda
3. Litheianna Alicia Mitrous

Oh… and I’m using Psy’s Character sheets… as I suck at making them and I don’t see any skeletons on the forum.

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PostSubject: Re: Iron Cross Characters.   Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:51 am

Full name: Dracious Marian Silverblade

Alias: The Anti-Dragoon

Age: 40 Years

Appearance: A mountain of a man standing eight feet with broad shoulders and long black hair which is kept in a long tail. Slightly green in skin color the roughness of his nearly scaly flesh can wear through ropes though not quickly. Short horns come out from the side of his head curling slightly though rarely visible beneath his helm.

Attire: Heavy set full plate created from the bones and scales of dragons. Masterly crafted with dark symbols of ancient and distant gods. Upon his head sit’s a helm crafted to appear as a dragon’s face and his cloak splits to appear as wings when flying(Metaphorically) through the air.

Weapons: He Wields two

Final Dawn: A great sword of massive proportions. Its thin slightly curved blade runs for over ten feet and is purposed to act more of a lance then a sword, even though it’s bottom side is still edged. This weapon is blessed to blind all evil as if they were looking towards the sun. It is made of adamantine and is guarded against spells and damage by the spells sung to it during its crafting. Its elegant designs of dragon wings and the life like depth of its hilt’s ferocious dragon shape… one may find one great beauty before they feel the bite of this blade.

Sword Shear. A sword breaker revered for the number of blades it had snapped in twain. Its special diamond tipped edges have made it into the legendary weapon it is. Its blade is covered in specks of silver, cold iron, and salt… to slay off evil and slow one’s recovery from its’ bite. (The silver and Iron are beaten into the blade, the salt is applied.)

Visor of the Dragon Titans: All may hide but no man of sin will ever escape the dark sigh granted by his draconic helm. It sees the sin in all, as undead see life… it sees sin. (Only when his visor’s closed can he see one’s sin, think kind of like heat vision.)

Armor of the Devout: Just as one’s faith stands steeled against all evils so to does this armor grant protection against those who would harm it. All who do not hold pure intentions will find this armor most difficult to penetrate with anything but magicked weapons.

Dragon Blood: A human blessed with the blood of the Dragons Inhuman strength powerful scaly flesh and a natural resistance to magic are some of the defensive properties seen… how ever it also gifts one the power to breath the elements to consume all in cleansing fire… or dread ice.

Leaping Flight. His powerful muscles have been trained to allow him to jump great distances and to those below appear to be flying. This allows him to break formations, crush phalanxes by crushing their center and otherwise delivering attacks from above.
(He can’t fly, he can just jump really high(Think Dragoons from FF Tactics WotL)

History: A Dragon Spirit given the body of a human to right all wrongs and ensure balance in the world. He took up his weapons and watched the world change… ever death only had him opening new eyes… for while his mortal flesh eroded his soul was immortal.

With his failure to right the wrongs of the Black Tyrant the Dragon Titans sent him away in exile… now he rises… in a strange realm… a lost and immortal spirit and a aging human body. His incredible skill would leave him as one of the best… if anyone ever survived to speak of it.

Immortality: Only in soul is he immortal… when his mortal flesh fails him his armor erodes and he is born anew in the body of an orphan his armor and weapons materializing before him.

Personality: Rightious and calm. One with the world around him he will generally not be quick to defend himself or his honor with violence… though the lives and honor of others will cause him to rise with deadly potency.

Hobbies: A painter to express what he feels… and musican to give nature her due.
A poet to speak words unspoken… and a teller of tales to teach the lessons he learned most painfully.

Other: He is seen as a cold and cruel person… and for the most part he is. Mortals must learn to care for themselves. He will however not stand for those who would attack another, nor those who would abuse women. All he is… is just when he raises his sword… all he is… is merciful when he claims a life.

Theme song: Two Steps From Hell: Protectors of the Earth(Choir)
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Iron Cross Characters.
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