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 Iron Poetry

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PostSubject: Iron Poetry   Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:12 am

This first piece is rather old… I tried a very strange style to it… two lines in each segment rhyme telling the story of a composer feeling the music fuel his imagination, the other two are reality/chorus.

Thought of War

War Upon the lips
A drum beats
A sword upon my hips
The Song of War

Death Upon the vibrant air
A rhythm that ever compels
His eyes only ever stare
The Song of War

Forward the chants do carry
A Flute Plays
The tone is kept very merry.
The Song of War

Clashing Steel adds the Brass
A light honeyed melody
Increasing as the forces mass
The Song of War

The Twing of Catapults are the Strings
A trumpet Plays
It calls for the armies with its reverberating rings.
The Song of War

The Whistling of arrows is the Wind
The deep billowing call of Revel.
Now comes for the bloody end.
The Symphony of War

Now we March in single file
The many take a pause
As corpses form in a burning pile
The End of a Fantasy

A concert hall filled with cheers
A composer lost in Illusions
Many lash out with their jeers
A composer takes a bow.

This next one is for one of my oh my god villains…

Cearis’ Poem

Upon my Wings as Black as Night, From my lands I think I sight.
My foes do charge in Crimson light, as I drift down into sight.
As I come blade in hand, I face one foe but that of man.
Upon their faces is not but fright, as I kill with great delight.
As I stand in my Black mail, them running down the old worn trail.
I lift my blade and calm my Breath, I am an Angel call me Death.
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Frozen Memory
Frozen Memory

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PostSubject: Re: Iron Poetry   Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:09 pm

Ooh I liked both of your poems. The image and the message sent chills. Very good. ^^

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Iron Poetry
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