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 Bleach: As Daylight Dies

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Shadows Fall

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PostSubject: Bleach: As Daylight Dies   Sun Apr 04, 2010 9:42 am

The Soul Society is facing it's biggest threat: a collision course with the world of the living. No one in Soul Society knows how this is happening, nor how to prevent it. It's a terrible threat to both worlds. It seems that there is no stopping it. Because of this collision, the two worlds have created a void between them, creating a world for a new breed of Hollows to be given rise to. The Soul Society has classified these Hollows as La Monstrousidad (The Monstrosity). They are Hollows with jet-black bodies and steel masks. They are much more powerful than any other Hollow created. What's worse, is that these Hollows have a gateway for easy access to both the world of the living and the Soul Society, giving them the perfect opprotunity to devour gratuitous ammounts of souls. However, it seems that these Hollows are harvesting the souls, not just eating them. But for what?

The worlds are being covered in darkness. What can be done before the shadows completely devour the two realms?

0. Committ. Don't join and then drop out or just don't join at all.
1. No godmodding. You aren't some extremely powerful/undefeatable person.
2. Be literate. Punctuation, capitalization, correct spelling.
3. This is a Bleach RP. Keep elements from other animes out of this one.
4. Romance and swearing is allowed.
5. Have fun.

(Cannons allowed)

//Age: (how old you really are, then how old you look)
//Squad Number/Rank:
//Gigai Appearance:
//Soul Reaper Appearance: (specifics, we know what the uniform looks like)

//Zanpakuto Name:
//Shikai Appearance:
//Shikai Abilities:

//Bankai Name: (must include shikai's name)
//Bankai Appearance:
//Bankai Abilities:

//Name: Ronin Kiushi
//Age: About 200; Appears 20
//Sex: Male
//Squad Number/Rank: none
//Gigai Appearance:
//Soul Reaper Appearance: topless uniform with a sash that hangs down past his back thighs tied with a rope, wears wooden clogs on his feet.
//Personality: Ronin is a cocky guy, but generally angry due to the Soul Society's treachery against him.
//Likes/dislikes: Pizza and soda/traitors and the Soul Society (traitors).
//Bio: Ronin was a top student at the Soul Reaper academy. His Zanpakuto, Hyatokaria, was the first Zanpakuto to utilize defense and attack with the fists. His sheer strength alone landed him a spot in Zaraki's 11th squad. He was 1st seat to leiutenancy right off the bat. His first field mission earned him high marks in all areas. Once he was made an official Soul Repaer, he was reveared as the "Iron Fist". He wasn't a typical Soul Reaper; he was cocky, and preferred to do things his way, which still got the job done if against orders. Ronin was also good friends with Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai. People around the academy called them the "R Squad" while they were still training there. It wasn't too long until Ronin and Rukia pursued a romantic relationship, to the displeasure of Byakuya. He thought that if they were together, it would bring a disgrace upon the Kuchiki name.
So, Byakuya sent a group of Soul Reapers after Ronin, who were all defeated. Byakuya then challenged Ronin himself; Ronin's defeat meaning exile. Ronin wasn't beaten, but he didn't win. Instead, Byakuya made their fight out to be a vicious attack on Ronin's part, and Ronin was sentenced to execution. He fled, leaving the Soul Society, and Rukia, behind. He is now on the run from the Punishment Force and the rest of the Soul Society.

The new events leave him uneasy, and he investigates on his own.

//Zanpakuto Name: Hyatokaria (Slayer of Hell)
//Shikai Appearance: (worn facing away from the sides of wrists).
//Shikai Abilities: Gojou (Steel Fist) Tenkamusou (Dragon's Fury) Hibitanren (Shadow Flash Slice)

//Bankai Name: Shogunante Hyatokaria (Ultimate Warrior of Hell)
//Bankai Appearance:
//Bankai Abilities: Reduction of size boosts speed and striking power. Hadakaikken (Burst Strike of Death)
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Bleach: As Daylight Dies
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