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Welcome to The Path Less Traveled!
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 Let the Tournament Begin!

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PostSubject: Let the Tournament Begin!   Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:07 pm

This is the second thread for the tournament. Please see the Primary if you have not already.

Okay, you've survived the primaries, now let the games begin. I will not be your judge for this half and most of this will be structured by Shiva. He will tell you who's fighting who, and determine the rounds. Admins and moderators will be around if problems arise and we will sort things out. Yes this is a fighting thread, but that doesn't mean you need to bash people. This thread is strictly IC. Any OOC questions will be presented in the Primaries. Shiva will determine the winners and the losers of each round and who advances to the next stage.

How the winners and losers are determined:

- Best posting (descriptions, actions, etc.)
- You corner the other character into surrender or death
- Logic of the posts and correspondence to the other fighter's responses.

- must be at least two paragraphs long. NO ONE LINERS
- must be in IC at all times. Shiva will also be playing a character- the referee
- Use correct grammar, and spelling, and everything as usual
- Follow Path rules. (swearing, cussing, graphic material is allowed but don't use an F bomb every five seconds in your post.)

Honor Rule:
- Be logical (If your legs are cut off, you can't stand. If you are shot in the head, you are probably dead.)
- No one hit kills.
- You can't dodge every attack.
- Don't complain about your defeat or character death if it is logical.
- Don't control someone else's character unless psychic (with limitations of course. This should have been censored in the first round anyway)
- Be a good sport
- Have fun

The winner will have their character's name in the announcement and a special rank until the tournament starts again (If people want to enter again. If not, special rank for a month). If people do want the competition to start again, I might make this a yearly thing. Agree?

Time: TBA

Questions, comments, and concerns will be sent to me or Shiva.

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Let the Tournament Begin!
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