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 The Tournament Primaries

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Frozen Memory

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PostSubject: The Tournament Primaries   Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:48 pm

Okay everyone, I got this idea from Shiva last year I believe and I never put it up. I got the virus and such and I never got around to it. This is a two part contest my friends. This is a fight play-by-post role-play competition. This first contest is the primary for the actual tournament. Those of you that are interested will type up a character profile of your fighter and the best profiles will move on to the actual fighting. There will be rules and honor codes in this as well as moderators that will keep a tight leash on logistics of this. THERE CAN ABSOLUTELY BE NO GOD MODDING! IT WOULD BE AN AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION OF THE CONTEST. More of the actual rules for the fighting will be in the second thread. The rules for the primaries are rather simple to follow and I am sure all of you will have no complaints to it.

What you have to do in short:

-Make a fighter. Can be an elf, or whatever you make him or her.
-no supper mega weapons or abilities.
-no gods or goddesses
-must realize that your character can be defeated or killed and you must give permission of this and acknowledgment of it in this thread and it will be carried on to the tournament.

This character section will be moderated by me and at least one other person. Those that judge cannot participate in the actual contest. If you want to be a judge, contact me and I will add your name to the list below. The max is two people not including me.

Moderators so far:

Now onto the profiles:

Name of your character:
Class: (Fighting type)
weakness: (Max of three)
Strengths: (Max of three)
Weapons: (Max of three)

Rules: (Some rules go for both contests)

-Be Reasonable
-no pictures in this one. (Sorry folks)

Time limit: TBA

Shiva will be the referee of the actual fights if he still wishes to be. There will only be one. Please post questions below. Write the application in a readable ink but not the white since comments and questions will be the default color. (This is just because I am a tad-bit OCD and it is easier to sift through the posts.)


Must sign up with me through pm by the end of March. The contest will probably take about two months, but again, is being debated.

Questions, comments, concerns:

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The Tournament Primaries
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