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PostSubject: Nightshade   Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:53 pm

The spirit misted in and sat down on a dust covered chair, looking about at the lonely section. "I suppose I'll start a story then..." she whispered. Looking through pieces of parchment that lay beside her. Thinking back to her livily-hood she figured there would be some renmant of her role-playing days. "Ah...here it is....fill this out before we begin, yes?" she said pulling out a piece of parchment. "more than one character is welcome, of course...after at least two others join we can begin." she lay out the parchment for everyone to fill out.

"Oh...and there is no clear goal here. It is up to you 'role-players' to create such."

Appearance: [Can be Image]
Carried Items [Five Most]:

"I'll post mine" the spirit whispered.

Name: Chaos
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Race: Shaman
Class: Spirit Host
Personality: Changes depending on the spirit that gives her power
Carried Items:
Grave Markers
Soul Sealing Spells
Clay Dolls
History: Born from a dead woman's womb, she is the crow's guardian, a shaman whom helps the crow deliver spirits. She's a bit insane and killed her father and grandparents when she was ten.

Name: Thorn
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Race: Witch
Class: Rose Dancer
Personality: Quiet and reserved
Carried Items:
Rose Vine Whip [disguised as a rose]
Crushed herbs
Spell Book
History: Left at birth in a field of roses, she cried for days. As she cried out for someone, the roses around her began to die and turn black. Eventually they wilted and bowed toward her. Laughing, she touched them. her life brought them life and they regained their color. From then on she grew in the field, alone with her roses. She tramples all other flowers.

Name: Ash
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Warg/Werewolf
Class: Changling
Personality: Sarcastic; Easily angry; Confused
Carried Items:
Double Nine Teeth Hooks Sword
Smoke bombs
History: Thanks to a spell done by a lonely Thorn on accident, He changed from a Warg into a man. Unable to remember her exact words, Thorn was only able to give him the ability to turn into his true form at night, during the day he must become a man again.
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