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 Music Meme 10

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PostSubject: Music Meme 10   Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:29 pm

ok so I saw this on another site and it's more writting then an actual game but here's the rules

Rules of the Music Meme:

1: Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like (SweetDreamer215: make up your own or use a fandom one I found these on fanfiction/livejournal ext.)

2: Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle

3: Write a drabble related to each song playing. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the ong starts and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards! (SweetDreamer215: you can go with this rule I doubt I will, I'll try to go with the rules but I might linger to finish things)

4: Do ten of these, and then post them.

Like I said its more of writting game but it gets your juices flowing and you don't have to do a critique where less people will look at, and its also stuff to do while waiting for rp replies and now I'm rambling but it'll be fun to read and write!

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PostSubject: Re: Music Meme 10   Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:06 pm

Ah . . . why not. Every time I set out to write a drabble I write more than a drabble, so maybe this will teach me to be concise. Not to mention I have wanted to do some writing.

Time for some emo music.

Think I'll only do a few for now . . . I *should* be doing homework. Ahaha.


We'll start with Taiju and Narrel of a current roleplay. Taiju's mine. Narrel is not mine, just borrowed for a moment. Ha. Sorry, Savvy.

"Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind


Taiju was half-asleep by this point, laying on his back as he stared at the clouds, hands behind his head as a makeshift pillow. It was rather quiet. Relaxing. He couldn't remember the last day he had had when he wasn't running for his life. Getting to lay in the grass felt wonderful. Happily, he let his eyes drift closed.

He was just about to fall into a doze when gentle scuffing through the grass caught his attention. He reluctantly forced his eyelids to open again, only to stare back up into Narrel's blue eyes.

"Hey there, Tai," she said cheerfully. "This is odd to see. You relaxing."

"I was until now."


Surprisingly, Taiju chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. "That aside, why shouldn't I take time to actually sit? None of us have had the chance."

Narrel nodded a little in agreement and decided to sit beside him. "That's true," she said lightly. "All this running and everything does kinda make me wish it wasn't all messed up . . ."

Taiju shrugged again as a response.

"But, I guess it's not all bad . . ."

"What the hell is your definition of 'good,' then?"


Now will be Devon and Colt. Devon is mine, Colt is that of my ex-best friend.

This will be rage-filled.

"Cry For Help" - Shinedown


"I finally figured out what I hate most about you." Devon glared at her old friend, her lip curled to reveal one of her wolfish canines. "You are so goddamn helpless.

Colt scowled back, but she was blinking back tears. "I am not!" she retorted.

"You are!" Devon spat. "You can't do anything! You do all this crap, then whine when things go wrong for you, when nothing goes the way that you want it to. You expect us all to make the future work for you. Look at you! You lost your job because you decided too many times you 'didn't want to go.' You don't want to go to school, or anything!"

"Shut up!" Colt screamed back, tears beginning to course down her cheeks. "Just shut up! You self-centered bi-"

"No! You don't get it! You're the selfish one!" Devon interrupted. She took an intimidating step forward, her fists clenched at her sides. "Nobody's going to help you anymore, no matter how much you cry about it, Colt! You're just going to have to suffer and get off your own ass to get things done!"


"Those Nights" by Skillet. Hmmmm. You know what, I think I'll use Edward and Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist for this quick little bit. Totally not mine. >3>



Edward didn't look up from the book that had currently captured his attention. "Hm?"

"Have you ever thought about going back home?"

Now Ed did swivel in his chair, resting one automail arm over the back of it. He smiled a little, awkwardly. "You know we can't do that," he said. "We don't have any home left to go to, and we still haven't gotten your body back."

"We have Auntie. And Winry. They'd let us stay there if we went back."

Ed made a "hmph" noise and returned to his book when Al didn't bother to continue. Involuntarily, his mind drifted back to their hometown of Resembool. How long had it been since they had gone back home? He did kind of miss going for more than just automail repairs . . . Winry always hit him with things because his automail didn't stay in good enough condition.

He laughed a little to himself. He did miss his old friend, he admitted. There were a lot of good times to be remembered with her and his younger brother. All the wasted days spent at the Rockbell residence; almost as much time there as at home . . .



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PostSubject: Re: Music Meme 10   Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:51 pm

Music Meme 10 for Samantha Mor and Micha Habs (OCs)

Song 1: When You Wish Upon A Star

Micha looked out the window, looking up at the stars above. What should he do? There was a strange, beautiful girl sleeping in the room next door. He shook his head. He should be thrilled, but all he could think about was making a fool of himself in front of her. He sighed. He felt silly, but he looked up at the brightest star in the sky.

Star light, star bright, he thought, please don’t let me screw this one up. She seems so nice. Just. . . Don’t let her think that I’m a freak.

He heard a noise behind him, and looked up. There in the doorway, stood the vision herself; Samantha Mor. She rubbed a little sleep from her eyes, and looked at him.

“I saw that the candle was still lit,” she explained. “Is everything okay?”

He blinked and nodded, unsure of how to respond.

“Yeah. I was just. . . Thinking,” he said lamely. She smiled.

“Want some company? I couldn’t sleep anyway.”

Micha nodded dumbly, and she sat down next to him on the bed. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Song 2: Ready for Love by Bad Company

Mor wandered down the road, thinking. What could she do now? She was in a new place, with no idea where she belonged, or who she even was. She shivered as a cold gust of wind hit her, and looked back towards the house where she was staying. Someone was walking towards her. She cocked her head. Micha had avoided since she came to live with the Habs. He had seemed more comfortable since their talk last night. She smiled as he approached her.

“Uh, hey,” he said a bit awkwardly. “You looked kind of lost out here, so I thought I’d come keep you company. Return the favor, you know.”

She grinned, happy that he had finally started to warm up to her. Perhaps he was ready to let her into his life, after all. The two began walking together, and Mor reached up to wrap her fingers around his. He looked over at her, surprised, but didn’t protest. A small smile formed on his face.

Song 3: That’s What Friends Are For from the Jungle Book

Micha and Mor wandered the streets of the town silently. The streets were crowded, but they managed to weave through. Mor fidgeted a bit, and then began to talk.

“Look,” she said, “I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done. You took me into your house,”

“After a little prodding,” Micha interrupted. Mor laughed, and continued.

“And then I pulled you into all this crap. But you’ve still stayed with me. You could have gone back home last night, but you didn’t. I-I don’t how to thank you for helping me through this.”

Micha shook his head, blushing. “That’s what friends are for,” he said simply.
(That was a really short song. D: )

Song 4: Blue Morning, Blue Day by Foreigner

Mor woke up at 6 a.m. and sighed. It had been yet another sleepless night. Her fight with Micha still rung through her mind, stinging like a fresh wound. Since then, everything seemed to be put on hold. He couldn’t stay mad at her forever, could he? She sighed, stood up, and went into the hallway. Perhaps they could make up finally. She just needed to get him to talk to her again. . .

She knocked on his door, and frowned as there was no answer. She opened the door, surprised to find it unlocked. Her heart nearly stopped in her chest. All of his things were gone from the room. She ran out, and knocked on Rupert’s door.

(Too Shooooooort!!! Okay guys, that’s all I can do. To quote my wonderful Paul McCartney, “I’VE GOT BLISTERS ON ME FINGERS!” Ahem. Cool idea, though! I really enjoyed doing it. x3 )

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
― Mark Twain

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PostSubject: Re: Music Meme 10   Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:49 pm

(Most I followed the rules, some I bent a little)

1. Fallen Leaves – Billy Talent

Run as fast as you can if you ever come here, silly little saying about the town we were driving through. That is what I thought until I got there. I couldn’t help it I started to run. The leaves that were falling didn’t help; it was like there were hands coming out of every single one attempting to grab me.

I guess I should explain more. We got off the bus and as soon as we did people started to disappear. A girl disappeared first; she said she didn’t want to get off, something felt wrong. When others started to disappear I thought they were leaving me. No they were actually being brought down. So what choice did I have but to run?

I ran into the woods fearing what would happen if I looked back. Don’t look back, a voice said in my head. I ran dodging roots and limbs from the trees. A small clearing showed up in front of me. Everyone was there. Struggling but forced on the ground by tree’s limbs and roots. Leaves surrounded me. My eyes widened. There was a kid standing right in front of me, “Well there’s the main person I wanted to see.”

2. My Hero – Foo Fighters

I remember him clearly, he was something. Definitely a hero. He had come into are lives like a breeze, saved us all from a terrible evil that was once sealed up in a well. I remembered it well.

The village was on fire by the monster. A young man, the hero’s helper as I remember him, told him of the danger. The monster sealed up in the well. He saved me and the village that day, fighting off a monster that threatened to kill us from the well, before going to fight the terrible evil that went into the dungeon. He told us not to worry and ran off to the place so he could beat it once and for all. We couldn’t believe someone would do it for us.

To me, I couldn’t believe it. A man who barely knew us, going out of his way to save us. He became my personal hero. No one else really waited for him, pretty much everyone thought he would die. I couldn’t think that. I waited for him to come out, waited through the rain that his helper had called so the village wouldn’t be burned down. When he came back out, I don’t really know how I can explain how I felt, elated sure but something else.

He smiled at me as if he knew I waited just to see him come back out of that terrible place before he left once more. Where he went I don’t know but I knew he would save someone else.

So it definitely was a shock when orders from the castle came saying that my hero was to be killed in public execution. I went just so I could see the one who saved me and my village one last time. He was executed right before my eyes, there goes my hero, and I watched him while he went.

3. Losing You – Dead by April

He reached for hand and she reached back, they couldn’t grab each other. They weren’t the most loving of couples but they were growing apart, but neither wanted it. The two ran in a torrent of stairs, never fully reaching each other. It was if the building wanted to keep them apart.

She shouldn’t have listened to the woman who offered the “ride”. She said that it would test the strength of ones relationship, whether it be romantic or friendship, and even enemies could come here and test it out. As the doors opened she grabbed her boyfriend’s arm and forced him in there where they were automatically separated. This labyrinth of a place was driving her nuts, where should she go how could she get out.

He was looking for her, it didn’t matter how long it took him to find her, but he would look for her. It was always that she was out of his reach. No matter how often he held out his hand for her to grab or just to grab her, it never reached. She was always running away from her. He was losing her. After a while he decided to give up. She was all he had and wanted but he just couldn’t get a hold of her. She refused.

He turned and saw a door and walked through it, a girl was looking up at him.
“Ah hi,” she said not knowing what to say. He replied not noticing that the labyrinth he was once in was gone, and he didn’t need his ex like he thought he did.

The woman at the desk smiled at her test, “I gave you the one you need now, don’t lose her.”

4. Dance With the Devil – Breaking Benjamin

Music flowing through the air slowly hit her ears. Her eyes opened but she wasn’t conscious, not at all. She sat up and got out of her sheets. Her feet hitting the cold floor. She walked down, a dog hearing his mistress’s foot steps woke up and then heard the music and tried to stop her by grabbing her nightgown, it wasn’t working. A strong breeze blew opened the door and threw the dog onto the stairs.

The young woman, still entranced walked forward where a person in a black cape, covering his entire being stood there. The woman didn’t see this though, she saw the one she loved there instead. Both reached to her as an invitation to dance. She reached towards him slowly, her body warning her that this might not be who she though it was, but also butterflies in her stomach, she wanted to believe so bad that it was him. She put her hand in his.

At first it was a small waltz simple steps that he lead. Her nerves grew more and her mind started to tell her to wake up, that something wasn’t right. The moves started to grow more complex, it became the dance that they came up with. Why did they make up this dance? She asked herself. She remembered why, a person had been coming stealing the souls of young women in the night, making the women look ethereal but dead, and each time looking at there steps was a simple waltz.

Because the man knew these steps she knew it was him. She never thought that the man dancing with her, the ghost, could just know. Her eyes would open whenever she was faced away from him, showing her empty, glazed look. When she was back to him her eyes were closed. A person ran towards the two, trying to get close and force the two apart, knowing what would happen, he’d seen it before with his own sister, the first victim. A barrier was blocking him and thrust him away.

At last the killer dipped her and brought her up giving a slight command the woman woke up her eyes unglazing fast, she gasped as the man’s lips hovered over hers not even touching, his eyes bored into hers. She let a gasp of air before collapsing.

The man ran to her before yelling at the man. The woman woke up and felt a pressure on her lips before recalling what happened. Her love had kissed her before whispering goodbye. How she was still alive she didn’t know, but he was gone, and she had been marked, the dead ethereal glow was still on her and it would forever mark her as a victim of the soul stealer and people would forever fear her.

5. I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today – Avenue Q

A man ran out of his house not wearing underway and sang that he didn’t wear underwear, before his wife yelled at him to get a job.

6. Sound the Bugle – Brian Adams

A man walked from the battlefield, a gaping wound from his chest was spilling blood. He was waiting for death to take him. He knew he had to give up but he refused to as well. He was going to continue fighting for the one person he knew was waiting for him and for the safety of his country. He knew the bugle would be calling him soon.

He was once a very strong soldier and could face everything, but as the seasons changed things had to as well. What did he have know though, not much. More blood began to flow from his wound; he fell to the ground, before coughing and saw blood come from there. He didn’t care know, any road he chose didn’t go anywhere, all he could do was go into the dark.

As he felt himself go into the dark abyss he remembered a voice say “remember who you are, if you lose yourself, your courage soon will follow so be strong tonight and remember who you are.” He was a soldier and he had to continue to fight. He knew that as he fought one last time to go to the real world and fight once more. He was a soldier, fighting to be free once more. That was always worth fighting for.

7. Beauty and The Beast - Nightwish

She ran from the room looking at the castle, she had to run. It wasn’t that a beast was chasing her or her chasing a beast. She was running from herself, the ugliness in herself.

How could she be so cruel to hurt him so much, but she couldn’t hurt him. She remembered the first dance, and how she stole his happiness by the kiss before she left. She had to remember every time she looked in a mirror. She dreamt of him getting closer to his demise, and the rose he gave her was dying faster then she could run towards him.

She needed more though though. The true beast was her, because who could ever love a beast. He loved her though, and it frightened her so she ran. She ran wanting to go to him and run away from him. How did that work though? She ran just letting her feet go anywhere. She told him that beauty came within, but was that true?

It felt like a wolf and a sheep, she desired him but at the same knew how dangerous he could be. She ran. When she saw him, where her feet lead her to. She gasped, how could this be? He gave a small smile before falling to the ground, reaching towards her. No he wasn’t the Beast as in the stories, no he was more of the Beauty, and she the Beast. She cried as her love died in her arms.

8. Leuchtturm - Nena

Water drops made her wake up. She looked around and saw her best friend looking at her as if she was some alien. She laughed before getting up. The two got on the plane and the two were going on a world tour before going to college. It was something they both wanted to do. He pulled her close before making a run for it. Her mouth opened and she chased him.

It seemed like they have been doing that forever, her chasing him most of the time. It never seemed the other way around. All around there were girls flirting with him and she just rolled her eyes, a little jealous, but she mostly thought it was some type of pheromone and him just one of the lucky ones. She never seemed to notice the guys looking at her. She was always chasing him after all.

France, Germany, United Kingdom, she kept running, this time away from him. She wanted to see all the places wanting to find her own life and sites she wanted to see, not just girls fawning over her friend. One time he just grabbed her and asked why she was running. Her mind went blank before she just ran. He wouldn’t follow. He did.

9. The Last Night - Skillet

She never had scars on her wrist like the song she loved had sang. But it was a mask she was wearing in front of him. She wanted him to be with her but at the same time she had to let him go. So she said goodbye.

She looked at everyone thinking they were looking down on her and she couldn’t take the pressure anymore, so she ran. As the rain fell in buckets she ran towards a church. Though no one was there it was surprisingly open. She walked into the sanctuary, soaking wet, and fell to her knees and prayed for the first time in a long while.

A hand grabbed her shoulder. She turned and smacked the had away, before she gasped. She looked away, she didn’t want him there, he was the reason why she left. She stepped away but he pulled her towards him once more and called her stupid.

10. One (Always Hardcore) - Scooter

The grass swayed peacefully beneath there lying bodied.

“It’s time,” he said. They got up and ran towards the fray. She pulled a person towards her and pushed another back. The man stared at her like she was nuts. The swordsman turned his gaze towards her and started to attack. She dodged feeling the adrenaline pump through out her body.

He watched and saw she could handle herself before taking another person on. These guys weren’t so tough, they weren’t ready for battle. He attacked once more, they fought together side by side knowing when to switch and to cover the other’s weak spots.

They moved as one and managed to leave a giant dent before the leader saw that they were beating them left and right, and the opposition decided to join them. The battle turned to be just a beating. The group started to attack, it was one world, one people, and one fight. They were winning and it was a great feeling.

As the other side finally gave up, the girl fell to her back lying down on an untainted patch of grass before smiling at the bird that was flying away.
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PostSubject: Re: Music Meme 10   Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:48 pm

No time for 10, I has Team Fortress 2 waiting for me.

-We Didn't Start the Fire- Billy Joel

The band started playing music, but it wasn't any music. As I paid more attention, it included the xylophone, the tambourine, and many other instruments one would never expect in a band. I moved closer, and the band exploded into a chorus. It was drastically different. I did not particularly like this band, I was accompanying my little sister. She loved the lead singer, who's name I did not know. She followed me, eager to reach the front. Fire works flashed in the air, an example of a real light show for the masses. Sparks flew, and explosions could be heard. The music was infectious, as unorthodox as it is. I grinned, and picked up my little sister as she bobbed wildly.

The leader broke into the chorus once more, and the crowd nearly drowned out the music. helicopters flew overhead, an example of chaos. Blue and red smoke laid ribbons of scarlet and cerulean, as the band began to draw to a close. The strength of the band and how they seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the next person in the crowd awed me. Laughing, I set down my little sister.

She and I looked at the sky as the last of the fireworks lit the sky in it's swan's song. Pow. Pow. Pow.

-Streamline- Newton

The stereo pounded low beats the flat cardboard box was occupied by a break dancer. His friends next to him were crouched low, trying to put him in the pedestal, to attract onlookers as he began a series of serpentine moves. Slowly, claps were added. The small radio seemed to struggle as it thrummed in a low personification of beat music. Or techno. One of his friends began to start imitating a steel whistle, added it to the beat. Soon it was a melody of everyday sounds packed into a song, as the break dancer continued his circular dance. "Give it up!" One cried, and the radio case was attacked by money.

The second man jumped onto the box just as the first rolled off. He began a bunch of robotic movements, pushing his head to the right then having his body follow in impossible movements. The growing crowd was awed, But his name registered on their minds. Imprinted, just as a duck would to their parents. The music died to a low beat, and but the robotic movements continued. The whistles continued. The name blared under the dark city street lights.


-Ducktales- The Moon

As I looked up into the night sky, I noticed the one orb in the sky that was there almost every night. It glowed, a happy, almost bouncing silver sphere. I stared at it, ignoring the paperwork on my desk. Slowly, my mind drifted off, following the craters of the silver moon in the sky slowly cutting across the stars like a silent sentinel of the earth we lived upon.

My partner walked in, sitting down next to me. She leaned her head on my shoulder. "Full out, today." She said softly, I nodded. The mystery of the night sky entranced me, I didn't respond verbally. The rolling armchairs were awkward next to each other, and eventually she grinned at got up, slamming her hand on the glass desk. I jerked back to reality, and sighed in submission. She dropped a fat folder on my desk and left the room, leaving the second armchair next to mine. I sighed, pushing it away.

The work was monotonous. Slowly, the infectious enigma of the moon returned. Geo-synchronized orbit- no human would ever see the back of the moon while living on the earth. Pictures from satellites show a blank, almost barren Moon. Startling, yes, but adds to the mystery.

The stars flashed, a beautiful night canvas to it.

-Uneasy hearts weigh the most- Dance Gavin Dance

She stared at me, Lyon Renalde with beautiful azure eyes. Her name was Linda, her identity, like her mane of blonde hair and bubbly personality. We were childhood friends. I know, cliche. But however, this goes a different way. She doesn't like me like I do. She has a boyfriend she was quite happy with. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for her, but insanely jealous.

As she passes me in the halls of school, she waves and grins. I grin back, and slap her boyfriend a high five. He gives me the thumbs up, but right after I pass, I can't help but scowl heavily. She went swimming with him later. It was normal, a happy personality like her would love the openness of the sea.

A riptide pulled her boyfriend and her out to sea. They were separated. Her boyfriend was rescued. But she...

TBH, I am ashamed of how much I wrote. And how most of my drabbles are absolute crap to me.

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PostSubject: Re: Music Meme 10   

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Music Meme 10
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