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 Mic, Headset, Lipsync!

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PostSubject: Mic, Headset, Lipsync!   Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:19 pm

[There is no closing, so anyone who wants to join can.]

"It's day 1 here at OmniCon, and everything seems to be going very well. Panels are good so far, and all the fans are having a great time. I still can't help but feel, however, that usual sense of anxiety. I've been so bouncy and hyper the last few days, and now I'm finally booked for a panel with some of my fellow VA's. Hopefully, we can get that under way without something going wrong...Sounds like it's getting hectic out there. I'll write later."
~Avan's journal, July 14th, 2009~

As he exited his hotel room, Avan could hear the loud murmuring of thousands of otaku in the multiple main lobbies of the hotel. He entered an elevator, going from the 25th floor all the way down to the 1st floor. He was dressed in a red tunic with white pants with his long golden hair tied back in a brilliant, shining ponytail. It was the look of one of the many characters he'd had the privilege to play. Sitting in a chair at one of the multiple booths, he waited calmly for people to line up to ask for one thing or another.
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Mic, Headset, Lipsync!
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