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 Haunting Chemical

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PostSubject: Haunting Chemical   Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:23 am

"Slow Chemical"

The wonder of the world is gone I know for sure
All the wonder that I want I found in her

As the hole becomes apart I strike to burn
And no flame returns

Every intuition fails to find it's way
One more table turned around I'm back again

Finding I'm a lost and found when she's not around
When she's not around I feel it coming down

Give me what I could never ask for
Connect me and you could be my chemical NOW

Give me the drug you know I'm after
Connect me and you could be my chemical

When everybody wants you (the chemical goes slow)

When everybody wants you (the chemical goes...)

Slow and
Everybody wants you
Slow and
Everybody wants your soul

Give me what I could never ask for
connect me and you could be my chemical NOW

Give me the drug you know I'm after
Connect me and you could be the chemical

You could be the chemical


Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can't find what keeps me here
When all this time I've been so hollow inside
I know you're still there

Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you, loving you
I won't let you pull me down

Hunting you, I can smell you - alive
Your heart pounding in my head

Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Saving me, raping me, watching me

Watching me, wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you... loving you
I won't let you pull me down


Name: Mina Blackraven
age: 16
birthday: November 15
personality: In school she is quiet and calm for the most part until she is provoked. Out of school, she is slightly hyper though she is only with herself and the guy at the coffee shop. In the park though, she is weary of others.
At night, she is fearless and willing to do anything to get her kill.
Grade: 11th
hobbies: drawing, writing, computer, stuff, listening to music, and going to the park, killing vampires
Fave colors: Purple, black, neon pink

Height: 5'5
Itunes favorites: Death of Love/Cradle of Filth ; Love you like I do/ HIM ; Whispers/ Evanescence ; Welcome Home/ Coheed and Cambria ; I caught fire/ The used ; Famous Last Words/ My chemical romance ; Cemetery Drive/ My Chemical Romance

In her dreams, Mina is haunted by the memories of her family being slaughtered. It was long ago, a good hundred years or so, but it still plagued her. She adored them; both her older sisters, her mother, and even her father. Yes, she had loved all of them. But they were taken from her.
It was snowing outside, like it usually did in the winter. All the animals in the area had been acting weird, even Night, Mina's pet cat; no one seemed to pay attention to that. Mina was in bed when the attack happened. Her twin sisters screamed before choking on their own blood. Her father got a few rounds off into the attacking beast, but he couldn't fight them off my himself. Her mother was the last to be taken out. Mina screamed while watching her mother be bleed dry. She ran out of the kitchen and out into the snow. Blood was on her face and on her hands. Then he came. The murderous man scooped Mina out of the snow and laughed, a wicked evil laugh. A week later, she was turned.
Over the last hundred years, Mina has only aged physically about eight years. Now, she looks 16 and acts like a normal high school student during the day. At night she is on the hunt. A half vampire hunting full pure bloods who have gone and committed murder. She is the hunter.

((This rp will be a one on one. Your character needs to be a male vampire (Looks around between age 18-23) that will be hunted in the end by Mina. However there will be problems. PM for more info. Post character profile and then beginning post to join))
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Haunting Chemical
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