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 Deus Ferrum

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PostSubject: Deus Ferrum   Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:38 pm

I'm not actually entirely sure What the protocol is for starting an 'open' roleplay is so I'll just do the first post along with the OOCly stuff here. Please don't be daunted by the length! I promise it's fairly interesting.

RP post first to catch your eye.


Somwhere on the outskirts Munich

"... - 36 hours ago, a bomb went off in central Madrid, killing 28 and wounding 15 others..."

"... Last night in London three women were murdered, their bodies have been found stuffed into a dumpster. They are thought to be foreign intelligence agents..."

"... -eaking News. Breaking News. Just four hours ago a mid-sized explosion has erupted at a German military research base..."

The room was lit only by the flickering light of the television, the channels switched rapidly, causing the room to seem like a rave party with a politically active DJ. Images of war, humanitarianism, and inane pointlessness flashed over the poorly furnished hotel room. Two figures sat on the well-used couch, both middle-aged and male. They were both of a similar cut, military in both appearance and demeanor. Rather nondescript as far as anyone went. The left most sighed, took a swig of his beer and stood, stepping toward the kitchen, speaking as he walked "Turn that shit off, Umanz, we get enough of it from the Boss." His accent was a strange amalgam Texan drawl and New Yorker rounding.

The television turned off with an audible click and the room was momentarily bathed in darkness before the small hotel kitchen light flicked on, casting its yellowish glow over the area. Umanz stood and stretched before walking over to the window, pushing the blue-white blinds aside to peer outside onto the brightly lit city streets below. He glanced back at the man in the kitchen and spoke, "Man, this place is going to the can. Not like the old days. Tell me why we're holed up here again?" He turned his gaze back out the window without waiting for a reply.

"We're holed up here because Marco's dumb ass blew our cover in Frankfurt and now we're on the rada- wait. Do you hear that?" The man in the kitchen strode to the peeling green door and peered out of the peep hole.

"What do you see?"

"Nothing," he took a step back from the door and sighed, "Goddamn I'm jumpy."

"I am too it's nothing to wor-" at this particular moment Umanz had stopped talking because a .50 caliber round had just shattered the wall-length window of the sliding glass door that led to the balcony and entered his right eye socket, liquefying his brain and exploding the back half of his skull. The ensuing eruption of blood painted a large portion of the floor, couch and his compatriots face a bright, slick, crimson.

The still living tenant sputtered, "Oh shit. Oh shitohshitohshit," as he threw himself toward the door of the room, drawing a pistol from his waistband. Two steps before he had reached the wobbly, beaten brass door knob, the faded green door exploded inwards in hail or chipped green paint and wooden splinters. The shockwave of the door-breaching charge knocked the man off his feet, momentarily stunning him. He felt a pain on his wrist and looked over to see black boot mashed down on it, forcing the handgun free. He was jerked bodily upwards and slammed face-first against the kitchen counter. He felt his wrists bound tightly by something cold and metallic. There was a beep as the electronic locks of the restraining manacles snapped into place. A gruff voice spoke into his left ear, "What the hell made you think you could hide from us, Aeric? We're everywhere, didn't I tell you that when you decided to steal the Lotus?"

Aeric managed to shift his face to the side enough to see the slightly scarred visage of the man who was talking to him, he spat out, "Up yours, Deberov, the Lotus Device is long gone, you won't get it out of me."

Deberov laughed and stood," We shall see..."

The next thing Aeric saw was the butt of a combat shotgun slamming into his face and then quiet darkness.

An unknown location, somewhere in the Siberian wastes

The command and control center of ISI was a large circular room, with sex levels of terracing, every level filled end to end with holo-monitors attended diligently by grey-uniformed technicians. Four massive screens dominated the largest wall, directly opposite the highest terrace. This area was a raised dais occupied by four individuals, all wearing black uniforms. On one of the large screens the words PRIORITY MESSAGE flashed in red. The central figure on the dais stepped forward, she was a tall, strikingly beautiful if somewhat severe, woman blessed with the dark red-brown hair that only models and the wives of millionaires seem to possess. Her nametag read Denicela. "Lt. Malone, please open that message, it seems to be from our team in Germany." The lieutenant she had addressed was sitting a console one level down, his fingers tapped over the faintly glowing holographically generated keyboard before him and a video feed began to start on the main screen.

It was Deberov. His face filled the entirety of the screen, taking up fully one fourth of the large wall, he spoke, "The mission was a complete success, Ma'am. Lionel Umanz has been neutralized and Aeric Seferin is now in our custody. We are in transit to Safehouse 17."

"And the device?"

"No sign of it Ma'am, we believe Seferin had sold it by the time we reached him. We'll find it, have no fear of that."

Chief Warden Denicela sighed deeply and nodded, pausing a moment before speaking again, "You know what that thing is capable of, Alexei, it needs to be back under lock and key. Make sure it happens."

Deberov gave a small nod and the video screen cut out. The Chief Warden stepped back from the dais and looked over at her advisers, she seemed to think for a moment before speaking to them, "We have a limited time-frame for the recovery of the Lotus Device. If The Deus Ferrum figure out how to use it we could have some serious problems." The three other black-uniformed officers nodded and gave brisk salutes before returning to their posts to oversee the operations of the command center.

A second PRIORITY MESSAGE image began to blink on the main screen. Fingers flew over keyboards again and the message opened, revealing only a few lines of text:

Snd< ISI SH 22
ID. 467935A <Cpt. Marstin>

Under attack by unknown militants. Request immediate assistance from ISI Tactical.

Chief Warden Denicela glanced behind her, where a team of black clad ISI Combat Response Unit officers had gathered. She checked her watch. Just past midnight on a Friday night. She gave a curt nod to the C.R.U. Leader and the team moved quickly from the control room to the garage.

It was going to be a long night.


Oookay. OOCly stuff now.

Right, hopefully the intro post caught your attention. Its deliberately vague by the way. For clarification the following is common knowledge in the game world:

Technology is what we can stipulate to be a reality in about 50 years from now. Think limited direct-tech mental links, fuel efficiency, shiny neo-materials, semi-sentient super-powered AI's and the like.

ISI is the International Security Initiative. They are an international organization with the purpose of prevent super-cyber crime and tech crime. The public knows the general mission of the ISI but is unaware of their specific tactics or the threats they disarm.

Deus Ferrum is a radical technology-worshipping and based religious group. They aren't particularly fleshed out at this point so any input we develop with them has room to expand.

This RP is going to be conducted with some fairly mature overtones, and I would appreciate if the post minimum recommendations are adhered to. Please don't post a bio, your first post should be enough for us to infer who and what your character is like. I'll be playing Alexei Deberov as my main and Chief Warden Denicela as needed to facilitate the story.

Some things to keep in mind:

No superpowers. Make sure your characters are relevant, a Buddhist monk living in the mountains his whole life would be hard pressed to fit into this story. Be at least mostly realistic with your characters martial ability. A career hacker doesn't know how to bullseye a fly with a handgun. You can play ISI, foreign intelligence, Deus Ferrum or any other group/individual that may be relevant, but make sure its a workable idea. Try not to clash with other writers on a story level, obviously Deus Ferrum and ISI characters won't get along, but you can still get the story to flow cooperatively.

If you leave the RP the character that is leaving has to justify their absence or departure. If you don't I'll happily kill him/her/it for you at some point.

Post your interest in joining here, hope to see lost of replies!
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