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 (Dreamer/Knights) Secret

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PostSubject: (Dreamer/Knights) Secret   Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:42 pm

Natalia quickly got washed, none of her other year mates could see her right now, it was too early for them to be up and this was her secret. She got changed into the tunic and breeches she would wear for the morning practice and for lessons. She brushed her hair and fed the birds outside her window as the norm before her normal practice. She did her arm work outs and leg work outs. She also did a few practice hand to hand practice patterns. A knock on her door told her it was time to go.

“Nathaniel, come on we don’t want to be late or we’ll get in trouble more then we already are,” she heard her best friend yell.
“I’m coming already,” she opened the door looking at her friend, “sheesh why can’t you ever just leave with out me.” Keith just smirked at her and placed his arm around her shoulders, “Because my dear comrade, we’re friends and besides if I wasn’t here to hound you for morning breakfast you’d go all day without eating and end up starving yourself to death.” She rolled her eyes and started to walk to the mess hall; that is after plucking his arm from her shoulder. She was glad she put on her breast bindings that morning.
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(Dreamer/Knights) Secret
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