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 KiLL! [ooc]

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PostSubject: KiLL! [ooc]   Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:52 pm


After leaving school one fateful day, a group of high-school students were kidnapped.

Late that night they awoke in a strange place... They were in a local insane asylum. Each student was in a different room, each with a weapon and a note that read:

Quote :
'Wakeup sleepy head! The game's just beginning! In this room you will find a weapon... take it, and find a

way out of the room. You might recognise this room... you might not. You are in St. Carmichaels Asylum For

the Criminally Insane!!!! I've accidently let all of the patients out. And now you're playing my game.
The rules are simple.

Kill! Kill! Kill!!!!

Kill everyone you see. Kill classmates, kill patients, kill doctors! KILL!!

I will be watching, and the person - School child or loon - will be let go!

Oh, I almost forgot! The buildings been flooded with a slow acting neurotoxin that's now making it's way

through your body. The antidote is waiting for you outside. You will die painfully in 29 hours, unless you

win. Unless you win.

- J. '

Now, with time against them, how will they act? Will they do as the mysterious 'J' asks? Or will they band together to survive the nightmarish horrors of St. Carmichaels?...

~ Yes, there WILL be blood.
~ Keep romance pg-13.
~ Maximum of 3 characters, all of which can die. And you will die. Especially if you have more than one character.
~ If you're leaving: Give me a week's notice, or you will be killed horrifically and banned from joining any future games of mine :3




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KiLL! [ooc]
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