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 The Library :: Sign-up and OOC

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PostSubject: The Library :: Sign-up and OOC   Tue Oct 06, 2009 11:30 am

Welcome to the Library.

For those who Seek, this is the place -- the only place -- where they may find what they're looking for

or how to find it

him, her, them, all

For those who Seek, this is the place -- the only place -- to Start.

The Library is the Library of all worlds. All who visit do so accidentally. They don't mean to find it. They just do. Seekers come and go, leave and arrive, freely, of their own will. But they are only ever, ever in the Library once. After that, it can never be found again.

But there is something wrong.

Now, Seekers who arrive cannot leave. Why is this? Why can't they go home? There is something wrong, and if they ever hope to see home again, they must work together with the Librarian to find the problem and solve it.

Will you join the Librarian? Or will you sit, and wait, and perhaps never go home?


About the Library: Like the spiffy intro said. Your character randomly shows up in the Library -- they turn a corner, they go through a door, whatever, they suddenly find themselves in the Library. They must be looking for something, otherwise the Library wouldn't have let them come in, yeah? (Yes, the Library is some kind of mysterious sentient thing. Like the TARDIS. Or Kingdom Hearts. Or the Keyblade. Or Hogwarts. Or... something.) If your character has powers, they're muted here. You're not here to cause trouble, you're here to search. "Shhh, quiet in the library!" Also like Hogwarts and the TARDIS, the Library shifts, according to what the Seeker is searching for and according to the Library and Librarian's whims. The Librarian is the guardian of the Library; they are... close, and protective of the other. They need each other, because without the Library there is no Librarian, and without the Librarian the Library is lonely.

Plot: Yeah. I don't know any more than you do. We're gonna make this sucker up as we go along. Yea?

Characters: Mmyup, they get to be from random worlds! This means your Seeker can be a canon character or an original. Whatever you feel like it, as long as you're consistent with their personality. I'd also say "as long as you keep them In Character" in reference to canons, but you guys will probably use fandoms I don't know so there's no way to monitor that. I'll take the Librarian character, unless somebody else wants them. I don't really care, since there's no set plot, haha.

Rules: ... I dunno, it's role-playing? Everyone should know the rules by now. No godmodding or powerplaying (hence the muted powers), etc., etc. I'm going to lay down the rule of no Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus, also. Don't know what those are? Mary-Sues are basically the flat, perfect, flawless girls (see: Bella Swan - note: clumsiness is not a flaw). Gary-Stus are the flat, perfect, flawless boys (see: Edward Cullen - note: vampirism is not a flaw). They're boring to RP and they're boring to RP with, and there's really not any point to them except: as wish-fulfillment; for the author to idealize themselves as a main character with a ~*~perfect~*~ life; to make a legendary or fairy tale character (see: Hercules, Snow White, etc.), and this RP is not here for any of those reasons.

This isn't so much a rule as it is me having "grown up" with it -- Everyone pick a color for their character's text! Try not to repeat colors, too, because those are the colors people will associate with your character and if two characters are associated with the same color... It's just confusing, yeah?

Profile Guidelines:

~> DO NOT post a picture for appearance. Describe your character. If you really want to use a picture, you can include a link to the picture, but do not use the IMG tag. It just looks clunky and I don't like it. :<

~> Please do not post just a few sentences in personality. Prove to me you know your character. This is more than just flaws and strengths; people aren't so black and white. What makes them tick? How does their mind work? Tell me who this person is.

~> Similarly, don't just post a few sentences in background. A person's past determines so much about them it's crazy. Tell me how this person came to be who they are. This is the place to include what they're Seeking and why.

I'll post my character's profile later. Again, if someone wants the Librarian position, go for it. I don't care. :3

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Common Nonsense

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PostSubject: Re: The Library :: Sign-up and OOC   Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:21 pm


I'll join up in this, I believe.

Give me a little time to either make up a character or decide which I'm going to rip from his/her universe.

. . . Not canon, though. Egh. Somehow that would bug me for this. But it would be interesting to rip a guy who fights with swords out of his universe . . . but I'm not sure yet.



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PostSubject: Re: The Library :: Sign-up and OOC   Sat Nov 14, 2009 1:47 pm

October 6th? Don't worry, I am CPR certified- HOLD ON!

[blue=]Name:[/color] Jadian Tres
[blue=]Nickname(s):[/color] Tres
[blue=]Age:[/color] 32
[blue=]Gender:[/color] Male
[blue=]World/Canon:[/color] Earth, the year 2015

[blue=]Appearance:[/color] To begin with, Tres has jet-black hair which sweeps across his face at medium length. At the back, it was untidy and stuck out in curved tufts and gave the suggestion he had styled his hair. His eyes are a dark hazel color, that give off a calm levity. His mouth is set in a half grin most of the time, so his mouth is tilted slightly diagonally. He is white, and his body is well built, but Tres likes to focus more on his gunmanship, so his physical fitness is not the best, but very good.

His clothes consist of layers described from the innermost to the outermost. He wears a white tanktop on his chest, and over that would be a long-sleeved black shirt. On top of that is a light tactical vest made of a special fabric, able to deflect small arms fire and decrease the impact of heavy weapons. The vest is a dark green, with lots of pockets that he rarely uses. On his legs are a pair of light and flexible cargo pants, a slightly different shade of dark green from the vest with almost as many pockets he never uses. He has hiking boots on, with thick soles and hard laces that fit on his feet. He has a pair of black leather gloves and burgandy scarf he wears when it's cold out.

Most importantly, he has a ring on his finger. That ring is compatible with the ammunition he uses with his revolvers. He places each bullet in a ring fashion, and the bullets click into place. When it comes time to reload, he can easily slide the ammunition in cleanly into his revolver- the recolver has a slight wedge that releases the pieces holding the bullets, allowing for faster reload time.

[blue=]Personality:[/color] Jadian is a cheerful man that knows when to be serious. Usually, he is grinning, cracking jokes, and teasing people. He has a levity most gunmen do not have, and takes pride in it. He is a quick thinker in terms of combat and a slower one in terms of reality. Philosophical questions tend to confuse him slightly, but overall he is just very social. When he is serious or angry, however he becomes quiet. His eyes seem to freeze over in a crystal clear window that lets his enemies see his cold anger. He does not have a fiery temper or anger, rather a silent, no-nonsense and unhesitating demeanor. He rarely goes into this stage, because his enemies die before they could get close or whip out their weapon anyways.

[blue=]Background:[/color] Growing up in Boston, MA, he retains his trademark Bostonian accent as he grew up. Being the youngest of three sons, he learned quickly that fighting was the key to solving problems and that he was too small to stand up to his older brothers and the other gangsters out in the streets. He started taking martial arts at the age of six, A style of Hung Gar. Even with his newfound knowledge of body mechanics and strength, his brothers merely overpowered him with body mass or numbers. When he was 12, he was introduced to his first gun, a preserved Walther PPK from World War 2. The power to kill at a distance, no matter how strong that man was, was too much of a temptation for poor Tres, and he got into weaponry. First he learned the basics of the combat knife, when bought his first small gun- The small pistol concealed in his boot today. As he got older, he started to focus a little more on school and didn't resume his love of ranged weaponry until he was 16. That was when his best friend bought his .357 Magnum for his birthday- though Tres had to pay him back later. No sooner than a year later, Tres was on the run from the cops after he was confronted by three gangsters- and was forced to shoot them. He successfully managed to evade them after someone decided to rob a convenience store and the cops were diverted. He left Boston fairly quickly after that, at the age of 18 when he graduated high school to set off for college. Leaving behind the unruly streets of Boston for good, he left and went to California, where he attended college and resumed some of his training. Unable to get a job during the tough economic times, he reverted to the underground, taking up jobs as a hitman and mercenary-for-hire. He became wanted, known through the nickname "Three Gun Tres" by the media.

One day, he wondered why he was doing this. He had a college education, and everything necessary to start anew. Being a mercenary meant getting paid heavily for one job- and if you had a regular client you were most likely set for life. If you didn't die or get caught. Tres began to grow tired of the mercenary life and wanted a way out- but everywhere they went, even the doctors were on the lookout for Three Gun Tres- and he could never escape. He opened a closet to retrieve his hat for a new job, and found himself in a grand library. His hat was in his left hand as he blinked once, twice, and considered passing out.

[blue=]Other:[/color] Tres always carries around his three guns, why he carries three guns is because his last name is spanish for three. His first gun is a small pistol that is holstered in his boot, usually a last ditch effort to surprise his enemies or when they get extremely close, and does not want to risk his revolver. His second gun is his normal revolver, a .357 caliber magnum that can punch holes in the enemies. It is a sleek grey with a polished wood handle. The last is his heavy-hitter. A hand cannon so huge it made the .44 caliber look like a water pistol. It fired bullets bigger than AA batteries, and the barrel had it's own exhaust port. It looked like it needed four hands to hold it steady, and something you'd use to overkill somebody in one hit. The problem is, he only gets one shot, because it takes almost a minute for the entire thing to cool down enough for another shot.

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PostSubject: Re: The Library :: Sign-up and OOC   Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:50 pm

Can I have the librarian possition? I can't make a profile till Monday ( on a phone right now) but I can assure you it will be quite good, I'm not the type to skimp on length, you should see all the crap I wrote for the rp I just made XP
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PostSubject: Re: The Library :: Sign-up and OOC   Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:42 pm

Name: Tyro

Age: about 120

Gender: Male

World/Canon: Tyro's own cannon of Roleplays

Appearance: A tall, sturdy build and a couple of white tipped tails. His skin is covered with his scarlet fur with a white muzzle. His non-threatening eyes are nearly obscured by a long fringe from his shaggy mop he calls his hair. Two black ears pop out the top. Most importantly, he looks about twenty at the most...His clothing hasn't changed either. He's still in a black shirt, white T-shirt and a pair of now rather grubby jeans.

Personality: Laid back with a strong moral compass. Likes to stand back from the world to look at the bigger mad picture. His peaceful and helpful. If he appears arrogant when it comes to his abilities, its due to his experience. He's quite lazy given the chance though...

Background: He's basically an old woman's gift given in exchange for her abilities. She saved him from destruction, to gain his new life. That of a Kitsune. So, he wonders. He travels from once place to another like a sort of caretaker, fighting for good. Its as simple as that. And he's had about a hundred years of such a life. He's had a wife, eight grown children and fought plenty of villains and even lead a series of events that lead to a pendant that contains the power of a sun. Strangely though, he quite likes it.

Other: Kitsune have weird abilities. You can go and google them if you wish but they will get explained when they are used. He also carries a pendant containing a powerful soul of fire inside and the soul's former weapon: The Kitsune Tail. A blunt decorative axe that is designed to be heated to glow. He also carries a sitar he can summon at will. Believe it or not, that's his transport. It can summon whirlwinds that carry him away. It can do more but he has forgotten the songs.
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PostSubject: Re: The Library :: Sign-up and OOC   

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The Library :: Sign-up and OOC
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